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I want to make little cash reading or reviewing ebooks online so I need sites that employ freelance readers and reviewers.
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There are several review sites online that you can write a review fas a freelance writer. You can pick and choose what you'd like to write your review on. If you'd like to write only book reviews then you might like to check out:

  1. Social Spark
  2. Review Stream
  3. Sponsered Reviews
Each one of these sites allows you to compose and submit a review for consideration. Any site that accepts freelance writers will always review your work before posting it on their site and paying you for your review.; 
Actually, the best way to write reviews about books is on your own blog site. You can make deals with the authors of the books to review their book and post the review on your website or blog. If you review generates a sale for the author you can earn a commission. 
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Yes,Definitely you can make money reviewing and reading books online.You just have to be hard working to make all the money you think you can.

Three  freelancing sites that you could make good money reading and reviewing books are fiverr, up work and just5k. Writers and authors are always seeking out for reviewers to help them with reviewing ebooks and the pay for this niche is also good.

Better still you could advertise online on your social media platforms and ask to be hired for reviewing tasks and you will be surprised at how many people will contact you for a job but the best bet is to be very good so as to  have continued stream of jobs from repeated customers.
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Yes. It's possible to make money through reading and previewing books online. There are quiet a lot of user based sites that offer such services to their registered members. All you have to do is find one and register wit them.
Am unable to give you many recommendations for now because I don't work around this line of earning online. But there's one site am very much familiar with and has a good reputation online for the said operations. It's called Onlinebookclub. At Onlinebookclub, you can find many services related to book reading and previewing. The interesting part of this site is that you get free books sent to you and a daily or weekly basis depending on your choice. You earn money by reading and giving your professional review of the book. I don't think tjere's a limit to how much you can earn on the site. It all depends on your effort.
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You can! Lots of new authors and writers will post ads all over the internet looking for readers to proofread, read over, or critique their writing. Many authors will also pay you to buy and review their books on Amazon and other buying sites. You can find jobs like this on Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer. People will also post ads on classified ad spaces like Craigslist and Kijiji looking for reviewers.

Finally, sites like will pay you to review books. You can get paid up to fifty dollars for these reviews - however, this means that you will have to spend more time reviewing the book, typing an over one hundred word book review. These sites will usually send you the book for free and/or cover the cost. 

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