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I need sites that have free ebooks for free download. I prefer sites that offer many books with wide ranges of genres.

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There are many websites online that offer free eBooks for you to download. Here is a listing of a few sites that have a good variety of books on many different subjects:

  1. https://digilibraries.com/
  2. http://www.bugabong.com/
  3. http://www.evenfallstudios.com/woodworks_library/woodworks_library.html
  4. http://www.ebookdirectory.com/
This is only a few sites that you can look at to find what you want. A simple search in Goole will display many moer sites that you can go to and download eBooks for free. 
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Here is a great library of websites, software, movies, music and millions of free books all stored in digital format and offers access to all. Anyone can access the collections available here and benefit from it. Archive.org has archived nearly every website, audio, live music, text and moving image that has been posted online over the last several years.

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I know of an app which offers such books. I have been using it since last year and I like it a lot. It offers a variety of books of different categories. It has a library section and a bookshelf section. In the library section the book is downloaded easily  and saved in the bookshelf section. In the bookshelf section, you can read your book offline. It also does not close the page you are in saving the time you would looking for your page when you go back later. It calculates for you where you have reached and therefore helping you to keep up the pace of reading. 

This app is known as Anybooks. You can download it freely from play store or apple store in your phone. 

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