The key global issues that the world now facing are? How can we overcome that?
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 The biggest problem the world is currently facing is climate change. We can overcome it by taking actions to save mother earth. The problem is not the climate change, but rather humans. Climate change was a result of human activity. We need to stop illegal tree cutting, air pollution and many more actions. We can stop climate change if we start implementing these measures. 
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From what I know, the basic concern is the air pollution with CO. Lots of power plants work on coal and there are some not friednly emissions like ash dust,  nitrogen oxids.
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The key to global issues are Climate change, Mental health, Covid-19, food insecurity because this are our major concern now.
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The world now is facing alot of problems from the covid 19 to economy down slide, famine in poor countries, unemployment all we need is GOD and good leaders.
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