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Most people think once you are not doing anything you are wasting your time. What is your take on this?

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There are some days that you just need downtime and to spend your day being lazy. You wake up in the morning with a tired feeling and think of the past few weeks when you have been so busy that you haven't even had time to sit down to relax. so you decide to take one day off and not think of anything or do anything at all. You might decide to sit in front of a TV and watch all the shows you've missed over the past few weeks. You can read a book that you've been meaning to read, or just take a nap and relax. All of this is helpful and in the end, it really isn't wasting your time. What it is actually doing is reviving yourself and getting back the energy that you've used up the past few weeks. For your health and wellbeing, everyone needs a day off to just do nothing at all. This revives your body, your spirits, and your stress levels. It actually helps you from getting sick in the end.
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Wow! That means time spent doing nothing sometimes is not of waste. We all need rest after long time of been too busy doing many things. If we don't we might break down. For that it necessary we rest in order to revive our lost energy used for days before taking a particular day off. Thanks.
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Not always because we sometimes need time to relax and recharge our batteries. There have been times when I feel I could have been more productive if I've had time to myself and I must admit I think I could have done more but to be honest I'm usually quite busy so any time spent doing nothing is much needed.

It can be easy to get into a rut and find yourself not wanting to do anything. When I'm down about something I can feel this way. I remember when I had a bad breakup I found it hard to get out of bed and get dressed each day but normally I am ready to do my chores and get out and about.

Sometimes I feel really tired and I don't think there's anything wrong with doing nothing then. What's the point in pushing yourself when your body is telling you to rest.
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You are correct. One need to rest some times and such moments used for resting shouldn't be seen of waste but valuable times for recharging of one batteries needed to be more productive much later.
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That's very true you just can't sit down the whole day watching movies and by the end of the day brag around that you've been busy. That's a wasted time and can never be reversed. We can consider time well spent if what you're doing or you've done has made an impact in your life. In fact some people usually regard online earning as "earn money doing nothing". Working online isn't a joke, and the money I earn daily has an impact on my life.

Time cannot be reversed nor reduce its pace. Invest well with your time and if you decide to idle around, then that's your choice and no one is responsible for your time. Time is money and people are working day and night to get that money.
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Definitely, you can't say you've been busy or productive when watching television all day. Such time is indeed counted as wasted. Time cannot be reversed so therefore it must used wisely and productively.
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I'm tempted to agree with this,because it is what it is a waste of time and a lost time.We can't never get back our lost time even if it for a second.

There's a difference between taking time off to rest from work than outrightly staying put daily without doing anything, that's like wasting our lives away, nothing was done and nothing can be gained.

If people were all to wake up and stay idle, nothing good would have been achieved in this world same with such humans nothing good comes out of idleness and those with idle hsnds wouldn't gain nothing.

Staying idle and not being productive is a waste of time and not just that a waste of talent,wisdom and ideas .
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I totally agree with you. Idleness in any fashion shouldn't be encouraged at all. Time wasted can not be regained except when used on something productive. But you too would agree with me that a time spent resting which is tantamount to do nothing is not of waste.
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I do think that that's not always the case, especially when doing nothing means that I am taking a break from doing something so stressful and hassle. For instance, after a long day of work, I would just like to go out of the office and stare at the cars passing by. Does that mean I'm doing nothing? Certainly not for I am rather giving myself a treat by trying to regain my peace of mind.

More importantly though, you shall not let other people's opinion control you. And even if you're wasting your time, there's nothing wrong with it. It's your time to waste, not theirs. If we are just going to live our life according to other people's terms, then that will be our ultimate failure.
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That's true! A time spend on doing nothing after a long stressful day at work shouldn't be considered as waste. Oh yes, only us should be held accountable on how we spend our time, certainly not others.
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I think time spent doing nothing is time wasted. There's a difference between taking time out to rest, relax and refresh after a long time of being productive and just sitting there and doing nothing even when there's no hindrance at all. That is being lazy in my opinion.
We cannot get back the time we spend in this world. Once the next second ticks, the last one is gone. Time is money and it is important that we put it into good use. Ever wonder why some people wish they could go back in time?
If you were given $86400 to invest everyday and you were told that any left over is taken away by the end of the day but you get to keep the return from your investment, I'm sure you'd do all you can to exhaust this amount daily. That is how time should be treated as we only have 86400 seconds everyday to use wisely because it is never coming back.
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I agree with you. Time is indeed money. Time wasted cannot be gotten back. We should learn to differentiate the time for resting and the one for being productive. Balance is always the key.
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It all depends on what your definition of "nothing" is. If nothing refers to just sitting idle and not moving your hands or pacing back and forth with your legs, then time spent on such state is not a waste to me as my brain could have been doing all the work.
I've come to the realization and conclusion that the best way of having a clear mind and a sound thought is when you just sit idle and doing nothing. Your body feels relax and all energy is directed towards the brain. I've been able to come up with clear thoughts which yield productively when put to action during such state.
On the other hand, if your line of work requires more physical action, then sitting idle without exercing any movement becomes time wasted as nothing gets done or achieved during such state.
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It all depends on whatever one is doing. In your words, those people engaging in brain works can just stay chilled and be doing nothing and yet they are still working, while those that are into physical labor can't just sit idle and say they've been busy.

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