tell me how you spend your free time fruitfully 
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I have some ideas on website. Now I prepare some information for it. In social network for now to test interest in such theme. if it will be more or less succesful I will transfer information to website.
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When I am alone I just relax and do what I want. Sometimes I take a nap for a few minutes, surf the internet, and watch the videos and television shows that I would like. I play mobile games which are one of my favorites and earn gift cards for those games. I laundry my clothes and my mom's. I vacuum our carpet.
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I usually spend my free time listening to sermons that edify my soul. However, if I'm not on sermons I usually read novels. I discovered it sharpens my thinking skills and insights. I also search the WEB for ways I can earn online.
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Meditate. Either focus on your surroundings, hear and feel it or go through your past and go so deep that you realize your journey of life. It might be an eye-opener.
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I binge on new or old movies or read a book. Sometimes, I write plots for a new book. Most times, I just surf on the Internet.
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When ever am alone the house always sleeping except am with my phone then I will play music to keep the place noisy and chat with friends.
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I try to improve my own small business taking photos and upload on social media and try to make some marketing, also work some hand crafts like cross stitch and jewelry, dream catchers which is part of my handmade business .

other things I do is searching on the net for websites to make money online and work on the other websites that I know.
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Whenever I am alone in the house, I usually spend with my baby fur Cooper. At some point, I tend to write online, sleep, or watch video clips on YouTube.
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Cuando estoy sola suelo cantar, bailar.Me gusta meditar,hacer yoga, también escuchar música. Navegar por Internet.

O simplemente hacer nada mientras tomo unos mates. 
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Si tengo tiempo, simplemente dormire. Hay momentos en los que solo estoy aqui y en ontros sitios de ingresos. En la medida de lo posible, no quiero perder el tiempo.
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I like to hear music, dance, read books. I also like to do handcraft like making stuffed dolls, class painting, making flowers, photo emposing etc.I like gardening, evening walks etc.
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