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Often times I hear people saying I am busy. Does that mean since they are busy they are productive?
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No it's not, being busy is different from being productivity, when you say busy you are doing anything like chatting with friends, or just by reading a newspaper.While productivity is when you do something there is an outcome afterwards.
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Well, it all depends on what is keeping the individual busy. If it's work the is keep the person busy and the work is progressing very well, then it's considered being productive but when your being busy doesn't have anything to show for it, then it's useless. 

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No it is not, being busy is not the same with productivity. Productivity means you are doing a lot of things but you are getting the results according to plan. It means you are doing an effective techniques to meet your deadline. Being busy sometimes goes on with productivity like being busy because you are doing a lot of things, lots of different technique, you want to focus of doing it so that you are get the results that could work or not with what you are doing.Sometimes, being busy that could not correlate with being productivity is like when you are doing something wrong, not being focus on the task but on some other things. You keep doing a lot of things that is why you are busy but you are not being productive about your plans.
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Exactly! My mother used to scold me when I was still a teenager that I'm busy doing nothing which means that one can actually be very busy but it doesn't mean that he or she is doing anything useful.

So, being busy categorically doesn't mean that you are productive. 
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I think it all about what one is doing and not necessarily about just being busy. I can be busy the whole day playing a game I'm addicted to, to get to the next level it wouldn't be about being productive but enjoying myself and getting myself out of the boredom zone.

If we are to go with being able to achieve financial gains with the word productive then we will be pointing at making money.So this is to say no matter how busy one can be at a thing if at the end of the day money wasn't realised then I think whatever it was wasn't productive.

Being busy has nothing to do with being productive but making money or a success of whatever we were doing is.
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Generally, it's all about making whatever that is keeping you busy count in what it yields on both short term and long term. 
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Being busy does not always equate to being productive. Remember that being productive means accomplishing your intended tasks even with the little time that's been given to you. To simply put it, you are working efficiently. You can always be busy with all sort of things but that won't necessarily mean that you are making use of your time wisely.

Perhaps some people just tend to you the "I am busy" card as an excuse to not get interrupted with what they are doing. For instance, I may just be reading random articles on the internet or just scrolling through my social media feed but so long as what I'm doing isn't what I am supposed to do, then I may just be wasting or passing the time.
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Being busy doesn't really equate to productivity. Some people are always busy but don't have an output, or if they do, it's not of good quality. Google definition of productivity is the "effectiveness of productive effort, especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input". This only means that if you do not have a quality output by the end of a "busy day", then you weren't really productive.

I work in a government research institute where a lot of people say they're busy, one of the bosses especially, but do not really accomplish anything. They come to work at 6am and go home at 6pm, covering a 12-hour work shift, even though normal work hours is actually 8am to 5pm, show (and tell) people they're working on something and that they are not to be disturbed, for two weeks, but by the end of their "busy period," they still haven't accomplished anything. And then the boss on top of that boss gives the same assignment to someone else who was able to do it in three-days time without having to come in at 6am and go home at 6pm.

What i'm saying is, productivity is more equated to efficiency than being busy.
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No, being busy and being productive are not necessarily the same thing. Being productive means that you are successfully accomplishing goals that you have set for yourself. However, you could be busy while not being productive. For example, you might act like you are busy at work (whenever your supervisor walks by) so it appears that you are being productive. Another example is if you make plans to clean your home - but instead of cleaning it - you do a lot of other tasks that aren't productive toward cleaning your home. You could very well be busy from doing those tasks - but they aren't going to make you be productive at getting household chores done. In short, when people refer to themselves as being busy, it doesn't always mean that they are using their time in a productive way.
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If a person answers you all the time "I am busy" it normally is an indication that they just don't want to leave their home, make time for you, or do what you are asking. They can find many reasons to be busy. When in fact all they are doing is reading a book or watching TV.
In some cases when a person is busy they are cleaning their home, washing clothes, or trying to finish a project they have put off for a long time that actually needs to be done.

When a person is busy working around their home or helping their child with their homework you can consider this productive, and they are accomplishing something. In other cases, a person just wants to relax and read a book they haven't had time to read or even watch a film they have been dying to see for a long time. In a way, this is also productive to them because they have accomplished what they set out to do.
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Being busy doesn't literally mean that you're working or doing something constructive. At times at home someone might want to send me or request for some favour but I tell them am busy but in real sense am just watching a movie. Maybe that movie is very enjoyable and I'd love to finish it on time so that I can have time to attend to my other stuff. I'll hence have to tell you am busy because am already engaged.

Many a times the word busy is usually associated with doing something productive. You'll never know whether the person is busy until you ask them in case they're far or see what they're doing. In short, the word busy can be viewed from two points.
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