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I would not say it is hard to be human and it isn't easy as well. Being human is being the most intelligent creature on earth. It is like the entire world has been handed over to us to do as we please in our equal rights. Then there's a whole lot of us trying to take control of the mantle. It is survival of the fittest.
We are faced with life's tragedy like failures, disappointment,loss of loved ones, aging, betrayal etc but our natural spirit to overcome and move on makes it easier and there's a balance of love, happiness, laughter, fulfilment and achievements.
In the end we wither away like the flowers and the only thing left of us is our imprints and memories. It definitely takes a lot to be human. I wouldn't call those who think it is hard lazy and cowards. It was nobody's choice to come to earth. Some people wish they were the galaxies that light up the world.
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Yes. Being human is not easy as well as hard. We all facing problems too. But we have the ability to overcome it. We have the 6th sense but animals doesn't.
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As a Human I don't think it has been difficult for me to be  one as least I'm speaking from experience I know I have been doing well as  a Human and  wouldn't want to exchange myself with any animal or any  non living things.

Being a human and loving it deals with just working according to principles and general laws of obedience and being human will be very simple.

I think most people that don't enjoy life as humans are law breakers and those that have refused to follow the principles or law of nature guiding us.When once we make good triumph over evil in our lives and daily living then life can't be sweeter than having it just with you and being a human too.
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First off, what makes one a human? Human is an intelligent higher animal that exhibit peculiar traits that are far different from those of lower animals, like having the ability to think and reason, being able to come up with solutions to problems, maintaining healthy relationship with his fellow human etc.

Being a human can't be hard because once you are able to display all the necessary qualities that make you to be human. It would have become difficult to be human if we were not endowed with the traits to be one.

For those that think that is kind of hard to be human perhaps are those that don't know who they are or those that have not discovered their true essence of being human. But once you have discovered yourself through deliberate soul searching effort you will know that being human is the most easiest and most beautiful thing that could have happened to you as one.
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Many times am always asking myself the same question. You find that some people are very heartless and can be compared to animals. You might find someone murders the other person in cold blood . Have been asking myself whether those people usually end up repenting because they're always aware that they're sinning.

What I think is that it depends with how someone was brought up while they were young. If someone comes from a family which treasures like and always doing good towards others, they'll definitely grow up knowing being inhuman isn't good even before God. The major contributor to this whole issue is thirst for money and power. Money is the route course of all evils no matter how hard we try convincing ourselves. Human life is supposed to be respected because only God has control over it and no human being.
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As a human, we are supposed to be a higher intelligence that habits this world. We are supposed to be able to think, reason, and make the decision for ourselves. This doesn't seem too complicated or even too hard to accomplish. From birth, we are taught how to reason and to think. We are educated in school so that we can learn how to think for ourselves and make our own decisions. Now what we do with this is all up to each person.
What is hard is making the right decisions and weighing out the consequences. This can affect our lives and the lives of the people around us if we make the wrong decision. We are always having to try and make the right decisions when it comes to our children. We might not have agreed with the way our parents were and how they raised us. Therefore, we try to make better decisions for our children and raise them differently than we were raised.
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No. It is not hard to be a human. There are many reasons for it. Humans can able to speak and think. We have 6th sense to detect what is good and wrong. Animals don't have it. Thinking capacity makes our life easy. I would not say it is so easy as well as hard. 
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It is not easy to be humans if they do not know the real purpose of their lives in this world. Once they determined it, then it will be easy to be humans.
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