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Nope. You can't. But if you want other people to easily get your point or you want to share your ideas about the question you're about to ask, you can always add details before actually posting it.
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I don't think there would be any point in answering your own question as the whole idea of this site is to get the opinions of others. I don't think the site owners would approve either so best to just answer the questions of others.
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If you have a good question you recently researched about and you got an answer for it, then you can post it on Answeree. Just ask anonymously and then answer it by logging in.

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You can not earn 10 points for answering your own questions. However, you can add a reply to each person's answer on your question. There are certain rules on this site that need to be followed in order for the site to run correctly and be able to pay people for what they contribute. How fair do you think it is if the site pays you to post this question and now you go and answer your own question. If you knew the answer to this question then why post it here on the site?

You can not add votes to your own comments, you can not up-vote your own comments, and you can't reply to your own questions. I feel that you should read the rules of the site to find out how all this works. Furthermore, the site has one post that you can ask all these types of questions in and get an answer directly from the site. That is what the post was designed for in the first place.
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It wouldn't make much sense because it will look so awkward that one asked a question and in the same instance is answering it.In the first place why asked the question when you know you can still answer it.I prefer to ask a question then seek the opinion of others to learn new things or see the answer from a different level.

It better not to answer one's question for the following reasons:

Getting to know how people had viewed ones question.

Getting diverse opinions gives room to understanding the answers in different ways

Ticking on the best answer give a reader the best option without needing to read all the replies

Not answering your own question shows decorum and orderliness of the poster.
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I saw some that are posting their answer to the question but I think they are just adding description to the question they are sharing. They maybe want their question to be clear to the people who will answer and to share also their experience, just to make it clear. You can do it once or twice depending on the question but do not do it all the time. I think once we share a question we just have to be responsible it making things clear so that we can get the answer that we want. To be honest, some questions are about life and everyone is sharing their own stories. By reading it, the site became a good place to sit back and read on because you learn from the experience of others. I wonder if there are rules of not adding description or sharing your point on your question, though.

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