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In my opinion, it would differ from one person to another depending on how fast your body system responds to drugs. 

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A dentist can drill a tooth by many means, either a local anaesthesia or when the  patient is  serious the dentist has to give even a general anaesthesia. The time of numbness depends on the condition of the patient. If it's only a single tooth that has to be uprooted just because it damaging other teeth close to it, the dentist would just apply a local anaesthesia that would take from 10- 15mins, depending of the patients constitution and the condition of teeth.

The doctor/dentist uses general anaesthesia  only when he has to conduct a surgery on the patient.
Tooth extraction is rarely done these as we can overcome the problem by undergoing root-canal treatment.

Extraction is done only in cases of  wisdom where rarely the doctor uses a general anaesthesia. The doctor can use any kind of sedative.
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The exact time of numbness is actually unknown. It all depends on the patient's tolerance to pain and the patient's physical health conditions. Some patients experience numbness within seconds or even minutes. Other patients experience numbness within 15 to 20 minutes. And sometimes there is no numbness at all which would require a second dose of the numbing agent known as novocaine. If, at all, you can actually feel the drilling, you need to tell your dentist because, again, this means that the novocaine didn't do it's job. It is very painful and uncomfortable if the novocain isn't doing it's job.

I can tell you that the last time I saw a dentist and needed the novocaine, it didn't work and had to have a second dose. It hurt.
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Personally, I have never had any tooth problems which would require my getting an appointment with a dentist to operate on my tooth or teeth. So, I can't really say how long it's going to take my jaw to numb before it can be operated on.

I have more than five friends who are so unfortunate to be suffering from one tooth problem or another. Some of them have removed at least a minimum of 4 teeth and are still having the same tooth problem especially having a hole in their tooth. 

There was this particular girlfriend of mine who had such a bad luck when her dentist was trying to remove one of her tooth and the tooth broke in half with half of it still stuck in her teeth gum. She had to go for a second operation on the same tooth which she almost passed out when the dentist was trying to get the half tooth out of her gum. I really felt so sorry for her. 

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First and foremost i fear dental clinics very much they are not my cup of tea. But when the tooth decides it is not going to give you a peace of mind, you will have no  choice but to go to the dentist. Though we are advised most of the time not to wait until the pain is over bearing, we still try to buy time. Anyway for me it does not take much time before my mouth gets numb for the drilling to start. Mine would take less than 3 minutes, it reacts very fast. But i can say ot depends on an individual actually, the doctors normally say that someone who takes a lot of alcohol would take much longer for the mouth to get numb because of the level of alcohol in their body. Unlike someone who is sober. Somehow the alcohol interferes with the medicine for it to work immediately.

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