Speaking of being single, is it normal to be one?
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To me it is not fate it is the will of God, nobody pray to be single but when you don't find the right person in life but what do you do you move on and live single 

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I am not speaking for everyone. For me, there is nothing wrong of being single forever. In my family clan, my grandpa's sister and son were not married. They embrace the idea of being single for the rest of their lives. It seems that it will be my fate, too.
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It actually depends on what you want and not what happens to others if you want to be single then you can be if you want the other way round then good for you.
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I always believe that what is written for us will happen , we all have a plan for our life that is written from the day we born, if it is a written for you to stay single then it will be m we don't know what days hold for us .
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Si yo creo que es normal, mas aun hoy en día, cuando  lo cultural, lo social y las convenciones le ganan a lo biológico.

En la actualidad cada vez hay mas personas que viven solas.He oido que por este motivo los diseños de los departamentos que se construyen hoy en día estan hechos para gente soltera. 

Dicen que el individualismo se ha acrecentado esto alentado también por las nuevas tecnologías y formas de comunicación.

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It depends if you have a spinster in the family sometimes you also acquire those if there's a single in the family or it can be a choice that something happened in the past that made them realize that they prefer to be single forever. It can a responsibility as an elder for the siblings or one of the siblings who are doing the obligations of their whole family. It can also be a situation where they experienced too much heartache in the past that lead them just to be single forever.
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It is not by fate, sometimes being single might be that the person did not find the right person in life. When an individual did not find a compatible partner he or she might decide to be single 
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It is better to live has single. If a person is selfish and only think of himself and no concern of wife and daughter. He is only thinking of himself and his parents. So the parents and siblings will look at old age because he had lived for them and spent money for them
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It is normal. Love is serious thing. It is good to have somebody close and it is easier to live. But living alone gives some benefits too. No responsibilities. No fears about those who valuable to you.
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I don't think i would call it fate because GOD created one man for one woman and one woman for one man it is your decision wether or not you want to be single.
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In my own opinion being single is not a crime so it can actually be a matter of choice sometimes and marriage is not for everyone so being single is not bad it normal.
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I guess it's a choice to stay single forever. You have a right to choose a partner in life and if you currently have one but not satisfied with your relationship, then you should be honest and talk about it.
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It really relies upon what you need and not but befalls others if you have any desire to be then you can be in the event that you need the alternate way round. bravo
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God made fate and gave us the chance to change it by doing things and struggling in our lives. If you'lll not try to find a life partner for you then there's a great chance that you'll stay single forever. It's not fate maybe it's great for you or it can benefit you n future.
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