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From the very beginning, giving products for free is a method that is considered very effective to get customers. It is because something free will be very difficult to stay away from. One more reason why this strategy is considered necessary is because often a customer has not bought a product, because they have never tried  the product.

Therefore, to give free products, a company can just choose an event for the purpose or directly offer free samples door to door to prospective customers. If the product is in the form of  services or digital media, the company can offer a free trial or allow customers to try it free to attract the interest of potential customers towards a product.
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answered by LEGEND (6,394 points) 6 14 36
It depends with the business, giving free samples works best for the business dealing with food stuff. Assuming you're selling cars or gadgets, how are you supposed to give a free sample? For those businesses dealing with food stuff, most of the times its always a new product they're launching and would love to get more customers. With the test of the sample, someone will be able to know whether the product is sweet and they can purchase it.

For those businesses dealing with stuff like gadgets, the best way of marketing their products would be, giving out offers. Like for instance giving a certain percentage of discounts per each sold item.Also, ensure your products aren't very expensive to push away customers.
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Basically for start-up businesses it is advisable for them to offer free samples to their customers. It won't be ideal for them to start placing prize tags on their sample products since they are still on the marketing path of wooing customers. Maybe with time as the business makes significant progress in terms of profit realization, they can then come up with a better strategy to reach their customers by asking for token from them. And this could be in form of promo offers which they can access if they buy they their products regularly.
But for those businesses that has made they Ways from bottom to the top, they already have the edge in terms of large customer base. It won't take away anything from them if they decide to put prize tags on their sample products. And if one or two customer choose not to patronize them for that reason it won't have any financial implication on their profit.
The marketing strategy by small businesses of giving out free sample products should be encouraged as they aim to build a more established enterprise.
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answered by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
Yes, a business should have a free samples. Whenever I am walking in the mall, someone will hand over a soap or a perfume is sprayed on my hand. I able to know their product and able to assess if I will like it or not. That is why it is vital to have a tester when you are selling a product, either food or not, people should test a little if the product is good to buy. If you can explain how the product does good with customer, free sample is not overly needed but when you can clearly explain, a tester of a product is needed for the consumer to understand much better. Free sample is the way to know the product more. It is the way for the consumer to review. Some buy the product for further review, but  you can have a buyer instantly if you have a tester or samples.
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Other than the emotional impact that the word "free" has, which makes it look irresistible, consumers always want to have guarantee in the quality of every product that they want to purchase; hence, giving free samples is often seen as a good strategy to market your product, especially if you are introducing a new brand or an entirely new product. By doing so, you are somehow making your products known to your consumers by giving them a direct access or free taste, where they will have first hand experience.

This may prove to be effective, as satisfied consumers may then provide testimonials with regard to the quality of your product. These people may even market you product for you via word-of-mouth, and may then steer prospect buyers.
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Definitely giving free sample is a good marketing means of driving sales. I started buying my Cocosheen cream from the sample of the product I received from a company. The cream was so supple on my babies skin and I'm yet to change their cream after 4 years. So giving out a sampled product to a person can turn such a person to a perpetual customer if the product was just as expected or just nice for a new user.

Companies should also use this method to attract new users and expand the business

Giving free sample product help widen the reach of the products on sale, if it is good the users will help to spread the goodness free of charge too.
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answered by LEGEND (6,011 points) 6 13 26
For businesses that can afford to give out free samples, I think this is good especially when it is a new product or they are just starting out with sales. This can attract customers. The thing with products is that once customers have developed a reference for a certain type, they become loyal and stick with it. By giving out free samples, you'll be able to lure their interest. Everyone likes freebies and they'll take it anyways since they have nothing to lose if they don't like it. But if they do, they'll keep patronizing. This is a very good way to attract large crowd. Some will go and others will stay. I've tried a few free samples. Some I liked, others I didn't.

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