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Hi. Gmail attachment has a size limit of 25 MB. However, you can still attach large files by uploading them first into the Google Drive and then generating a shareable link, which you can provide via email.
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Yes you are right about the limit of 25GB. unfortunately, we cannot send big files using Gmail files larger than 25GB is not allowed to be saved or attached.

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Sending large files using Gmail is not easy. It is because Gmail limits attachments to only 25MB. If the attachment is more than 25MB, it will be rejected and the email will not be sent.One of the reasons why Google limits attachments to just 25MB may be due to problems with the speed of sending emails.

If the attachments gets bigger, the email sending time will be longer. This will certainly make the user experience worse. Therefore, Google limits attachments only 25MB. But unfortunately, we are often faced with the opposite situation. There are times when we have to send files larger than 25MB via Gmail whether it is in the form of work files, college assignments, or anything else.
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Normally there is a file limitation and how much we can send through our email account. There are many sites now that you can use to share these types of large files. You will then send a link to the person in an email. The person is given access to the file you want to share. it is up to you to give this person access and share the file with them. That is all we can do now unless you break the file down using a compression program. Then the file has to be put back together in order to read it. 

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