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Is there any tool exists better than bigbangram which interacts with real people and grow your account organically with target audience?

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You can use Architect. It can make you a very good ads in all social media. Ads will do a lot of helping to grow your business. Architect does not only create and set ads, it also a great tool for your target research. Architect, also scan thoroughly all the social media sites and gather all the links of information about the audience of your choice.
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I don't know of any automatic tool but ibknow of linkcollider. Linkcollider is free of charge and it helps in getting followers in Instagram and twitter and also Facebook likes.

All you have to do is just create am account and you'll be shown you can collect tokens,these tokens are the ones you'll be paying your followers,subscribers and those who've given you likes.

You can search the internet for linkcollider and it will take you there.

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