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There is no "better" by my contrast and comparison.  Both companies manufacture high quality products.  Right now I work using a Dell laptop.  But my experience with HP products has also been satisfying.

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I prefer HP as it seems to last much longer and not have stupid updates done without my consent. My dad has a Dell and I have seen many people with them as well and that were not happy with the product. It updates too much and it kind of does whatever it wants without your concent. The computers also seem to get so hot (especially the laptops) and this is insane! I have seen a whole bunch of rather newer laptops overheating when they are Dell. As for HP what I hate about them is how noisy the laptops are (except the Chromebook, which is amazing even when HP). I would get HP 100 times and would run away from Dell.
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There is this place that you can turn off auto updates as well. It is all about getting to see that part where you are able to do it as well. 
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From experience, I prefer HP. Dell have good reviews too but I used HP before, even at the office, though when it comes to popularity, Dell is more popular. I used HP and I have a laptop on that brand. It lasted fo 3 years. I even bought a second hand laptop with HP brand and I used it for 2 years. I think it depends on the use. I do not use it for gaming purposes. I am not a technical person and I cannot tell from the technical perspective. I only rely on experience of use. The battery charge could use for whole 48 hours even I used it for watching videos and downloading. Most of the time, i am only searching and my usage doesn't last for 6 hours a day. But still I can use it for whole day. The problem with HP is that, I am not sure if it is affordable and always available, compare to Dell. My laptop right now is Lenovo and this one is really durable, but I love both HP and Dell.
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I know these two companies produce high quality computers and render good services but I will always prefer HP because I like the design and reliability of HP computers.

HP offers good after sale services and when it comes to durability of the product then give it up for HP, they are that good.

The technical support from HP can be trusted. Any issue will be handled professionally and easily sorted out though Dell is also good but I have read more bad reviews about their not so good technical support services than HP.

I just read from online that getting a replacement for a HP computer part  is easy, it readily available and nothing can be worse than having difficulties trying to replace a computer's body part.
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It is pretty hard to choose between these two laptop heavyweights. Dell or HP? They both have their specific unique features that makes it difficult for one to pinpoint the exact one with an edge over the other. But for me to be able make a choice between the both, I guess I will have to look at their differences, which are:

Appearance; the both offer specific look from each other but Dell has wide variety look compare to that of HP. Although they are a little more bulky than the HP, buyers have range of look to choose from.

Price; Dell is considerably cheaper than the HP laptop which makes it more affordable to range of buyers that can't afford the expensive HP laptop

Features and specs; hand down HP wins this round. The efficiency of HP laptop in terms of performance functionality outshines Dell its major competitor. And battery of HP last longer than that of Dell.
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As a computer repair shop, I'd have to go with HP over Dell. I am not fond of the Dell laptop or even the desktop. In the past when I had to repair Dell computers they had some non-standard parts in them that you could only replace if you ordered them from Dell. I found in a few computers the memory on a Dell machine was not a standard memory that you could easily buy and replace. I've also had many other issues with the programs they have installed on a Dell computer. I know the OS is supposed to be standard, but for some reason, Dell has a very bad OS they have modified to suit them.
I've worked on HP computers and they have standard parts inside the laptop or desktop model. I'm not a big fan of the motherboards they use and how they are installed in the desktops. But you can change them out and use another brand of a motherboard in the tour. However, you still need to do some modifications. If you want to go with either one of these you should go with HP. When it breaks the parts are easier to find and fix the computer with.
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In my opinion Dell is good one but the service is worst if you try to reach for the customer service they won't respond at all but if you want best one with the low cost you can go for the HP they are providing good services and features also will be good .If you want to buy within a budget means i would suggest you to but HP.So many of my friends told that HP is good only they are using pavilion model and i am using dell inspiration model but the cost wise mine is little bit higher than them with the same specifications, so think twice before going to buy why because after you spend that much of penny you didn't get satisfied means it's waste of time and waste of money.If you like HP more than Dell means you can go for HP or else you just get the DELL. Hope you got the information what you were looking. Thanks
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From my experience, I have used both HP laptop and Dell laptop, they are both very good computer brands looking at how far both companies have come so far with the production of their brand products all these years. If the computer users are not satisfied with what either of these companies have done with HP AND DELL products so far, I'm very sure that either of them would have been phased out and replaced with another top quality product.
Dell laptop was actually the very first laptop computer brand which I used when I gained admission into the university to read Mass Communication. There was a very compulsory school requirement that every student must own a laptop to help him or her facilitate their learning process. It was around my final year that I switched to using HP laptop. Both of them are good but I think HP is better.
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There was a time that both companies used to be in the same category and that was something that I really enjoyed back then since they always combine hands and skills to assemble some amazing computer devices. However, when Dell and HP went their separate ways, it was also a great way for them back then to improve on the personal services that they offer to their customers and that was awesome.

I have been making use of HP products and the thing is that they have served me well to the level which I want. You can't deny the fact also that Dell devices have been amazing as well which makes it all interesting for me as well. However, the only thing that is important on this is for the user of the laptop to handle them in the right way for that is the only way they can get the best experience.
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