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If you really want to become Ph.D it's not a wastenof time if you determine for your dream career.
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I'm of the opinion that it's not a waste of time studying to PhD level in academics. 

We all have our dreams and aspirations, so if getting a PhD certificate is among yours and you can afford it, it's alright to me. 

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Well some people do not call "studying" a waste of time, regardless of the degree. PHDs are good to have but they cost too much money and simply are not the reality of people. I do not find studying a waste of time and if I had the means I would study to the moon and back. But unfortunately most of these degress involve researching and finding real useful solutions to some problems, and if there is one thing I hate is spending endless hours researching stuff and writing a paper. If it was somehting really brilliant ok, but most of the things we write are pretty much useless. In fact life ends up making us work and take care of chores and studying or getting a PHD ends up as a dream to many.
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No. I don't think taking a PHD will be a waste of time. However, I do believe that PHD is not for everyone, as taking this academic route entails a lot of compromise and sacrifice. First and foremost, you will be foregoing the opportunity to work fulltime in a company and instead devote at least 5 years of your life studying. This may sometimes prove to be critical especially in some workplaces that puts high regard in terms of tenure and experience. More importantly, instead of finally be earning and being able to support yourself after finishing an undergraduate and a Master's degree, you will have to live on stipend.

However, these sacrifices would prove to be all worth it in the long run. Starting a doctorate degree will give you access to research programs that are geared towards your interest. Doing research will not only satisfy your desire for knowledge but more importantly, you will be able to contribute to areas that are in dire need of solutions and further understanding. Other than this noble deed, PHDs do get higher salaries, and are seen as more competitive, especially in complicated and tedious fields of work.

I do think that completing a doctoral degree is still the pinnacle of educational attainment, and that nothing will ever compare to the fulfillment of having one. But if you are having doubts on taking a PHD, I would suggest that you think it over and over. Assess whether you are indeed ready because like I said, this choice entails a lot of sacrifice.

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I agree to you that PH.d is not really for everyone, but at least trying is the best we can do.
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No,not at all.Acquiring knowledge or a new skill can never be a waste of time and getting a PhD in whatever field can never be a waste.A PhD degree or program is the acquisition of knowledge,techniques or methodologies so as to be able to carry out a successful research in any field and if this is so,I think there's nothing wasteful about this.

Having a PhD means having good knowledge about a particular field which is good.

It helps stands one out in then midst  of others will lower degrees since it like the highest academic degree.

One's salary will be higher too than other lower degree holder.

One will be more recognized as an expert in his or her chosen field and could be more awarded.
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I agree, knowledge is power and even though he will not become a doctor one day at least he can be  nurse.
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I definitely will do my PhD because I am that kind of a person whose so much into books and would love to acquire that title "professor" one day.Although it will take much especially making the 30 publications, I must do it. Its always fun researching and getting to know new things that you've never know.

Also,in my country, when you become a professor, you'll be earning some monthly income. In addition to that, you'll never lack a job. In fact you'll be earning huge sums of money and jobs will be chasing you instead of the other way round. Also,that title alone professor carries some respect and people will tend to fear you. It's always been my pleasure being a professor and I must attain.
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That is very determined, in everything we aim there should be action to it.
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The question is what will you be taking? After taking it, what are your plans? Where will you work or what would you want to start? If you don't have clear answer to my questions then it will be a waste of time. Studying in Ph.D will requires a lot of time, effort and brains. If you do not have goal and haven't started one, then why having a Ph.D become a part of your life's decision. It is not easy to study. Even in grade school it is so hard. Plus, the money that you will be paying to finish the course, it is not a joke because of economical crisis. Do you see yourself studying Ph.D in the future? Do you think it will benefit your future self? Think again. We can only support you with whatever you want but you need to be sure you have a plan and plan b, even plan c for this.
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True indeed! Knowledge and beyond knowledge is all needed to be in a profession that requires it.
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It is absolutely unimaginable for anyone to think that the acquisition of PhD degree as form of certification is waste of time. Phd as we all know is the highest form of university degree acquired by individuals to prove that they professionals in their field of studies. Without Phd degree there can never be experts who are seasoned researchers, doctors, engineers, you name it.
Moreover, which advanced form of certification worthy of acquiring if not phD degree that can put one on a pedestal of being seen as a luminary in any field? It is obvious that there is none.

Agreeably, there are other certifications offered by higher institutions like bachelor, master but PhD gives you the edge over others by allowing you to become a licensed practitioner, be it in medicine, psychology, nutrition etc. Without PhD as the highest academic qualification you can not command respect and authority in any field.
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I believe that to answer this question, we should first and foremost ask ourselves what we are trying to achieve in the nearest future. As far as I am concerned, there is something that we should always put into consideration when we are trying to go further in our studies and they are:

1. Educational goals: There are people that are graduates that are basically there to ensure that they work things out in the best possible as it regards getting to feel better when we are talking about education. People such as lecturers will definitely want to go further in the line of education by getting a PhD since this is a way to show that they are grounded in a particular discipline.

2. Financial goals: I know a lot of people that won't want to spend more money trying to get a PhD as their focus is on going into business and making money. People like this won't have any interest in getting such degrees. So, it is all about what we tend to actually achieve in the future.
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You have a point out there, goals and financila capability is also part of something we want in the future.
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In my opinion, education has no limits to what level an individual would like to reach. Some people only make it past high school, while some would only manage to take care of high school and some would just manage to complete their university degree and end there. Some people who actually studied in the polytechnic would have to take part in post graduate programs because they can be able to do their masters degree and then take it up to PhD program.
Now, money matters a lot when it comes to being able to purse your academic goals up to the level of PhD. Some people could barely make it out of the university in completing their university degree. It would be very hard to take it up to doing their masters and then PhD. But I'm of the opinion that if you can afford getting your PhD, it's not a waste of time.
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In my opinion learning regardless any status is never a waste of time rather passion and interest.
We are different individuals with different desires,  some people wish to attain the academic heaven while some prefer to just have the basic knowledge or have their first degree certificate alone.
It is my desire to embark on studies up-to the point of PhD so that I can be able share my knowledge and also have proper and detail understanding about line of study.
Whoever thinks Ph.D is a waste of time then probably the person may not even value education at all.

It is important to compete academically sound that one can create or carve a niche for oneself in the academic hierarchy. Some with Ph.D alwaya earn much more money in their respective work place.
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Personally I don't see studying to attain or acquire PhD as a waste of time or resources. Rather I see it as an advantage to attain certain reasonable level of Education which will rise me above or beyond myopic or limited view in my chosen profession. In my country; the moment you attain such qualification, then you're classified among the elites of my country and even the world at large.

My supervisor who supervised my final year project is a PhD holder and I must confess that at that level,  he was full of knowledge that we always enjoy his company a lot. he made us to understand that at that academic level of PhD , a man is never expected to be poor in lifea again unless the person is living extravagant life else money will be looking for him or her.

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Studying in Ph. D is not a waste of time  In fact, it is a good way to utilize your time and youth. It involves very tedious research and commitment. This is contributing to and finding a solution to one of the problems of humanity. Yes it involves a lot of sacrifices but it is totally worth it in the end.

Also, getting a Ph. D is not meant for everyone. Not everyone will go through that path in life. It shouldn't make you less but there are many specs to it in the society. Like people with Ph. D are considered more qualified and informed than others. They get the better jobs with the higher pay.
I think it is definitely quite an achievement but you'll need to ask if you really want that or need it in the path that you have chosen in life.
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