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Anime is used to describe the Japanese animation and cartoons. Almost all characters of anime have large exaggerated eyes. 

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Anime is a kind of Japanese cartoon. The characters usually have larger eyes, hair in weird unhuman colors and funny manneirisms. There are different kinds of animes as well, some being erotic (and only bound to the adult public). There are many famous animes for children such as pokemon, hantaro, digimon, I am sure you probably have come into contact with one of those. Animes also revolve around things that are pretty much impossible to happen. Some are used in a way to attract adults (pornographic), but there are many ok for the family animes as well. It is possible to notice that animes are also a huge part of the japanese entertainment industry, as even little statues of characters are available for fans.
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Anime in the first place is the short word for animation in can therefore be described as the Japanese animations done for the watching pleasure of both adults and children. Anime can also be seen as all form of animated media.

Basically,people can view Japanese shows,movies, cartoons as anime from Japan and it will be true.

Anime is good because it helps one learn a bit of Japanese culture from their series

Watching anime is great because it csn really makes one to explore with one's imagination watching some anime.
Anime can really keep one lively in a very boring day, if one is actually watching its movie or series.

I love anime and I have been seeing it since childhood.
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Anime is originated from Japan. It is a japanese cartoon, drawn by hand or with technology and the target viewers are not only young adults but also adults. It is an animated media. Everyone, including me, are fond of it. Actually, my favorite anime is the baseball series Major. Anime has colorful graphics, that people love to see. Before now, I think it started way back 1917. It was distributed through television series, movies, commercials and even merchandise. It became popular and continually because it targeted diverse audience. A lot of people love watching anime and even they became addicted to Manga Series. Manga series are put in books and some became television series. Major anime studious are Toei, Ghainax and Studio Ghibli.
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Anime is Japanese term meaning animation, and this anime are often in form of animated media forms. They have their origin from Japan which can be traced back to ancient times when the pioneers where creating and distributing quite fantastical and futuristic graphic images with colourful depictions of doe-like eyes characters. They are usually seen as movies in form of cartoons for children and pornographic contents for adults. They have gained ground over the years not targeted at the Japanese markets solely but also other demographics with affinity for the exciting entertainment they provide. Anime uses diverse themes and genres to portray the message conveyed in them. They have awesome story lines distictively projected in form of martial art, ninja, romance etc depending on the plot. And action-filled scenes are packed in anime. Some of the anime products are; psycho pass, no game no life, wandering samurai etc.
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Anime is Japanese cartoon instead of animation they are saying animation but in the animation you can see lot of series like Naruto, DBZ, one piece and many more. You can learn a lot from the animation why i am saying is it will show you the feel of pain and how to not give up on your dreams, how to resp ct everyone and how to care about your friends. If you like your friends you should not lose them at any cost even when they hate like this they will show so many different types of emotion and thriller series also there like death note and brotherhood and the canon detective like this they are having different genre and my favorite one is naruto and one piece if you are interested go and watch it you will surely like that one and DBZ also very good.

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