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Keeping a love relationship stable can be quite the challenge and it is impossible to give you a "magical solution" for it. Though I will write down here a few of the best solutions to make a relationship last longer, even though you should know that everything regarding love is easier said than done, so be prepared. In love we need to believe in each other, trust and also support. Some couples fail in that as one becomes jealous of the other or even does not help them achieve their dreams. Lack of respect and thinking the other partner is a slave is also a bad idea. People are used to changing partners as they change clothes as changing is easier than actually towards making a relationship strong.
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You need to know that love goes beyond physical attraction, joyous times and laughter. There are times that situations of life become hard. Harder for you to be together. When you take away all the passion and fire and you find that you still care for your partner, hold on to that feeling until you eventually find the spark again. It may be trying and difficult but definitely worth it.

The basic way to make this happen is by honestly communicating your feelings and understanding each other. A problem shared is a problem half solved. Giving your partner the respect they deserve is very important. Amidst all of this, you need to be able to recognize if your love is a work in progress or you are just chasing shadows because somethings are not meant to be.
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Keeping the relationship always depends on both parties. As cliche as it sounds, I do believe that couples stay together because both of them choose to, no matter how complicated their situation is. This, in turn, requires maturity. Both parties need to understand that problems come as challenges to make them stronger and not to break them apart. They must always choose to forgive rather than to keep grudges that in the long run will resurface itself into something worse.

Another important ingredients in stable relationships would be trust, respect, and honesty. When you are in a relationship, you must keep in mind that you are sharing your life with another person. Every decision you make will impact not only your life but also your partner's. Hence, each decision, be it from simple dinner to moving out of the city, will affect how the whole relationship will evolve--and both of you should trust each other on this. Respect and honesty, on the other hand, should be the foundation of every relationship. Respect what your partner wants and be honest in what you feel. Remember that most relationships fall down due to the absence of these values, which are often rooted to lack of communication and understanding.
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Trust and respect. I think those two are the magical solution for a stable relationship. If both parties have trust in each other, then there will be no cases of jealousy. As for respect, it is important that both parties respect each others opinion or stand on something, or consider their thoughts about something.

We are used to thinking that trust and respect are both earned and not given. There's an article in huffingtonpost,com by Maggie Rowe that talks about why trust is not earned. It says in the article that trust should be treated as a personal choice rather than giving your power to someone else, to the person you give your trust to. That instead of having to earn trust from the other person, or having them earn your trust, you start to trust yourself, to be confident, and then everything will follow. The same applies with respect
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Matters of the heart are really hard to explain. You can get all the advices but its upon you to decide on what you really want out of that relationship. A certain friend of mine gave me one advise that is really helping me even in my current relationship. She told me to always play cool. You might find at times you tend to argue with him/her, don't always entertain that, tell him/her, its cool or OK. Every time there's a scandal play cool with things. I have done that before and I can prove its worked several times for me.

Something else, respect each other. In fact men love to be seen as elders and respected. Even the Bible states that and we as ladies ought to follow.Finally, show each other true love. Don't try cheating on him/her because it definitely shows you don't like her.
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Making love stable has been the greatest challenge that has affected lots of love relationship today, it is never easy but certainly depends on the school of thought the both parties share. In my own opinion I will make few Points that can make love to be stable.
Tolerance: This is the ability to accept and managed each others imperfections to a high level of consideration. The two partners must agree that they are both imperfects and their ability to manage this fact can gradually makes their imperfects to be perfect and that is beauty of togetherness.
Trust and respect : These two goes in handy,  trust is the most difficult task to achieve as human cos we are emotional and sensitive but you must try as much as possible to trust each other and always be positive about each other at all time, no doubt when there is high level of trust, respect is guaranteed and your love will definitely be stable.
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It is always important for a balance to be maintained in everything humans are engaged in and love shouldn't be left out. It could be kind of intractable to achieve this seamlessly in relationships owning to the fact that it is constituted by two parties with different traits, backgrounds and experiences.

However for stability to be experienced in a loving affair, the couple must be willing to make sacrifices and compromise when necessary. There must be understanding between the both, for without this there's bound to be squabbles of scuffles every now and then.

They must understand that love comes with great prize and which must be paid fully not partly if they are to enjoy stability and happiness in their relationship.
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Love stability is determined by the two parties involve and it start by them having in their mind to make it work.Love is more of action than words so to make it stable,one just have to work at it.

By being open to one another, why hide things from one another and still talking love.

Be there for one another. Selfishness and self centeredness should be far away from love that want to be stable.

Cooperation should be another attribute such a relationship should possess.The couple must work in unison to make things works out better.

Stability of love entails wholesomeness from the two partners no cheating, no double dating, hiding of feelings and no keeping of the other wrongs.
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Nothing is stable. Change is the only permanent in this world. Whenever there is change, even with love, one should adjust to it and still meet its requirements. Like for example, if a relationship will go through long distance, then both of them should meet halfways and still communicate with each other. They should accept that they need to respect other's decision for being away and adjust to the changes that happened. They need to be honest and loyal too because no relationship is perfect but you know deep down yourself that you have become loyal and honest. You need to be strong if you want to make a relationship last. It should be give and take. It should be pure understanding. You also need to accept that changes should not break you, but make you a better person.
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Care always is the best way to stable love. Show your care and feeling always. Treat with respect and stand at their critical situation. True love never fails. 
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