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I preferred the brain because it is good to have more knowledge than to have beauty but only have little knowledge.

I still believe that everyone has their own beauty that is why there is no ugly or not beautiful in this world. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. While having more knowledge is a big attraction for everyone for it is good to be with people who are knowledgeable, and it is also enjoyable to talk and to discuss with them regarding the issues that are happening around the globe.

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answered by VISIONARY (9,009 points) 7 16 67
I love BB that's beauty and brain but if I'm to go with one then brain it is. Beauty is just there to complement one's looks but brain does much more if we are to use it wisely.

The brain when put to work can be very innovative and creative. Look at all the innovations in the world. Those were great works of the brain. People decided to put their brains to work and came up with marvelous, amazing and awesome tech,that we are enjoying, even generations yet unborn will benefit from as well.

The brain can bring wealth untold to a person. Let look at the owner of Facebook racking in million of dollars annually just by using his brain to develop Facebook.Beauty is good but having a good brain is just the best.
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answered by LEGEND (6,021 points) 6 13 26
I'll pick brain over beauty. I mean, brains have always been the solution to world's problems. Brain is the key, the central unit for every human activities. Without the brains that have been put into good use, man would not have stood a chance. Even when we start to age, our brain cells still remain and function.

Beauty is awesome. Something that pleases the eyes and desires. It components us but beauty fades away quicker than we realize. It really doesn't solve anything. When all beauty withers, what do we have left ? All the things we've learnt, our experiences, our memories, impact etc.

After all beauty can be bought these days though surgery, treatments and what have you. These solutions came as a result of knowledge from research and technology all from usefulness of the human brain.
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answered by ELITE (3,054 points) 8 35 66
I think both is better but they say we can't have the best of both worlds so I'll go with brain. No matter how many times this question pops up, I will always choose brain.

Being beautiful will surely grant you the attention and the privilege that you've always been wanting to gain but it will only last for the time being. Once the novelty of your beauty expires, then people will not see you as the person they've seen before. Like you're something noticeable 'cause you're new. You'll be just like another person in the crowd. I also do think that attraction based on one's physical appearance is very shallow.

On the other hand, having the brains will take you places, given that you use it wisely. Human minds are so wonderful it can create the most amazing things we never even thought we'd have. It allows us to leave a legacy--something that will last a lifetime. And this is something that no amount of money can buy.
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answered by ELITE (3,009 points) 3 8 16
Both are very important but I will prefer to go for brain. With brain you tend to be very intelligent and creative.  Everyone is naturally beautiful in away cos like the saying goes beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Beauty with out care also fade away,  some one who has little or no knowledge may not even know things to do keep the beauty glowing but if you are very intelligent and creative you can easily work on your beauty to be more attractive . it is even embarrassing for you to be beautiful and you are dull,  you will definitely be shy to appear in public especially if you are lady and a wife to a reputable person.

There are lots of beauty therapist that easily fix person's look easily but it rare to see brain therapist.
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Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. What is beauty if your attitude is ugly, right?  Anyone with a beautiful and positive outlook in life will look good physically too because they are calm and happy. They exhibit those positivism in them.  But those who thinks negatively will also show that physically.  A beautiful face without a brain is like an empty shell.  It can always be forgotten, and in time it will be forsaken and will not be remembered.  Unlike those who have brains will be most remembered, nourished and nurtured. Because they seek and hunger for knowledge that makes them who they are now.  What is essential in invisible to the eye, because heart can see and feel rightly what the eyes cannot.  Beauty can fade away anytime.
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answered by ELITE (4,082 points) 7 26 72
I think a little of both would be good. I think it would be lovely to be very intelligent but I wouldn't want to be really ugly. People judge you on both counts so somewhere in the middle would be good for me,

My partner told me a story about when he worked for a company where he needed to be fluent in German (which he is). However, when it came to appearance he wasn't very smart so when a very attractive lady with poor German language skills came along they got rid of him and took her on because they wanted people who came into the company to see her rather than my partner because it gave a better impression, This is a case where beauty won over brains and it does happen.

I think most of get by with just being average but it sure would e good to have both in this life.
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answered by (299 points) 1 12 22
What good is beauty when it does not have a brain. Personally, I can't hold a conversation with someone who's quite stupid. I know it's a harsh thing to say but it's the truth that nobody wants to accept or admit. People with brains are far more interesting than people with beauty only. In my own experience, i easily get bored with someone who i can't even have a debate or argument with. Like someone who would just say, "yea. you're probably right", without even exerting the tiniest effort to think about the subject matter. I mean i get it, beautiful people always get the attention, they turn heads when they walk past people, probably have higher positions in companies (i think there was a study or survey about this before; how beautiful people always get what they want, which is not very impossible if you think about it), but it could be very disappointing if someone so beautiful turns out to be stupid. Plus, if one is intellectual, he/she could go to great lengths, solve the world's problems.
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answered by LEGEND (6,082 points) 7 21 49
I will go for brain anytime anyway. I am not the type that's after beauty in a girl but intelligent(brain). Someone that is not only good looking physically but also resourceful. Someone that can add value to me not one that will be a liability.
The world has moved from when guys used to place premium on beauty to valuing intellect on how productive and brilliant a girl is except those that are still living in cosmetic world. But those that are up to par with the contemporary happenings in the world would know that it is not all that glitters that is gold.
Beauty can not win a man an asset in search of wife material but rather a liability and slothful trophy that can't be used for anything.
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answered by LEGEND (6,404 points) 6 13 36
People have different tastes there are those who will love brain while other beauty. But then, the state that we're in at the moment, brains matters a lot. No man will be willing to marry a lady whose not educated and at least every end month can bring something on the table. Also, research has shown that a lady with high IQ level usually give birth to bright kids. Which type of man wouldn't love to get bright kids one day in order to appraise his name one day.

On the contrary, most men want someone whose beautiful and they can walk along the streets together and introduce her to his friends. We ladies love to be seen with our partners and that's a fact. Anyway, beauty falls in the eyes of the beholder and this can't be compromised.
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answered by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
Brainy is Beauty for me. Beauty will fade. Beauty is only external, while being brainy could move mountains and could even help people. People who are smart are a great help to human kind but some beautiful people, think they are superiors to others because of the praises they are getting from the people around them. Even with men, I appreciate the beauty in men but when I found out that they are not using their brains in some decision making and work technique, I am kind of feel sad. I just hope they have beauty and brains. I still prefer brains. They can be beautiful. I just hope Beautiful people could sharpen their mind and use it for good. However, if a beautiful person, even if they are not that smart, but they are nice and kind, I believe they really look beautiful to me.

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