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I think that the earphones are always good for those that work in places like offices, hospitals and the rest of the place where outward noise is not allowed. It is also good for those that are cool with listening to music on their phones as well. 

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The experience of listening to music changed dramatically when the Walkman is introduced. For the first time, people can listen to music personally with high quality audio, without anyone else being able to listen. This is because he listens through an innovative mini speaker called a headset. There are headsets in the form of headphones that are like headbands.

Some of them will easily fit in the earlobe and are called earphones. Compared to headphones, earphones are superior because of their more compact and not too eye-catching form. As an additional tool, earphones are also very helpful in hearing sound so that it is clearer, especially when receiving telephone calls. Good earphones can eliminate most of the noise around you.
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They are very important cos they provide privacy to our comfort.
While driving you can conveniently make phone conversation with out stress with the use of ear phones.
There are places that you can't  play music  or watch movies loudly cos it will distract other people around, with earphones you will be able to achieve this conveniently with high quality sound you desire.
Not all mobile phones are capable to pick up signals from radio stations,  such phones required earphones to serve as attena for you to pick up  the signal.
There sizes are very friendly such that people may need to get closer to you before they noticed you have something in your especially if the color is black or brown.
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Yes. Earphones are really useful. In as much as we want to use speakers to clearly listen to music, more often than not, earphones are the good way to go, especially when we are outside or we are with people who are not fond of the music we like to listen to.

Personally, I use earphones whenever I want to shut the world and just be with myself. I often just lie down and listen to my playlist whenever I'm feeling down or empty or whenever I'm in dire need of motivation. Wearing earphones also provide the privacy or the personal space we need whether in our home or in our office. It allows us to seek comfort amidst all the chaos. In fact, according to some researches, this actually drives productivity, as it helps us gain more focus on what we are doing and keeps us out of the distractions brought about by our surrounding.
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Earphones has been as useful as a smartphone especially for people like me that like multitasking it will help one achieve many things at the same time,so as to managed one's time properly.With my earphone I can play, stop and replay my music on my phone without having to touch my phone.

Earphones will help keep noise at bay when listening to your favorite music or receiving a call.I think this is the most feature I love about earphones.

It really portable too and very light,thus it can be carried around easily and can be used easily on the go.

 Earphone helps to give comfort to the ear as least for long travellers, one can play his or her favourite song while on a long journey without disturbing other passengers.
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Yes, earphones are very useful but its advisable not to use them quite often because they can cause some damage to your ear drums. Most of the times especially in campus I'd find myself quarrelling with my roommates and one of those reason being playing loud music. You'll find we have different tastes even when it comes to music and you'll become irritated when you hear someone playing music that isn't of your choice. Therefore, its advisable to have earphones so that you are the only person who can listen to your music.
You might also find that some stuff aren't worth listening without earphones especially when you're in crowded place. As I have mentioned above, you really need to limit the time you use when having earphones and also don't turn on the speaker very high.
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The usefulness of an earphone is pretty much relative. There are those that are not in support of the use of an earphone due to whatever reasons best known to them alone. And there are those like me that can't do without it.
Looking at this earphone from how useful it is, you will agree with me that it is very helpful especially if you are the type that relish listening to music. Apart from this it could help in taking calls perhaps you are on the highway driving and due to the prohibition by road traffic laws of not taking calls while driving you can switch to an earphone as an alternative to answer your caller.
An earphone plays a major role as a perfect user friendly interface between electronic devices and humans as pointed out above.
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Yes, earphones are really helpful. I have puppies and they make noises while we were sleeping. When we cannot stop them from crying, to be able to continue a deep sleep, I wear my earphones. It is noise cancelling and I cannot hear outside noise when it is stuck in my ears. I work as a call reviewer. Whenever I am listening to calls, I wear my headphones to listen carefully to the calls. I cannot tag it correctly when I don't hear the calls. During heavy traffic getting to work or getting home, I wear my headphones and listen to my playlists. It keeps me enjoy when I am bored. It does not waste my time. When I am watching movies on my phone, I wear headphones because I can clearly  understand the dialogue and the stories itself. Headphones is really helpful and I always have one.
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For me, it is a yes. Earphones are really helpful especially when we know how to use it properly and on when is the right time to use it. As one of the music lovers, I always want to listen to music and that's where the earphones come in. Earphones are very useful to me, like for example when I'm traveling it is not good to just maximize the volume of my phone or any device just to listen to the music because if I do, it could just bring noise to others and it is not really good. Also, by always maximizing the volume of our device, it will make the speaker of the device to broke. Earphones can help us whenever we want to hear clear voices especially when we are talking to someone in public places where there are noises around us. It helps us to be more focused on someone we are talking to.
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If you have ever suffered an ear problem, you will never be a fan of using earphones. My uncle had a very nasty experience with using earphones and ever since that very day, I hated using earphones and have never bought it with my own money or used another person's earphones.
I was traveling with my uncle on one fateful day. The journey was about 8 hours drive and my uncle bought one earphone at phone accessories shop at the car park. He used the earphones to listen to music playing on his smartphone until we arrived at our destination and immediately he dismounted the bus and removed the earphones, his hearing was affected immediately.
When he wants to speak, he keeps shouting and eventually it was very difficult for him to hear well without being shouted at. It cost him a lot money to treat the ear infection the earphones caused him.

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