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Reverse image search. All you have to do is drag and drop it into the search bar. 

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When the rumor is spreading fast, it is not difficult to find images with provocative photo captions. From time to time, people spreading rumors deliberately use old photos to create new issues. At that time, how can you trace the origin of an image? In reality, Google provides its own site called Google images. Through this site, you can track the origin of an image using the image link address or by uploading an image you want to know where it came from.

Do as mentioned below:

1. enter the site that shows the image you want to track

2. right click on the photo

3. click the option 'copy image address'

4. open the site

5. click the camera image

6. enter the image address by pasting it.
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Whenever I am searching for image in Google, I will just go in the tab of images using a keyword. I click the picture on the lists and a certain blog or site will open on a new tab. The blog itself tells where they get the source as part of the description of the picture. Unfortunately, not all blogs are responsible in crediting the photos it uses, whenever the photos is free of us. There are photo fro Pixabay that can be of use and sometimes it is easier to use it than Google images because I can credit the source right away. You will only click the photo and the source itself is part of the description. Also in Google, there is a copy image address when you right click the photo. You can use it as the credit to the photos. We always need to put the source of the image even if it is for free.

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