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Happiness is a state of mind. We habea unique way of finding happiness and being contented with what we have and finding joy in what we don't have yet can help you achieve happiness.

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Happiness is definitely one state of mind worth having every now and then. But regardless of how easy it seems putting yourself in such mood, it sometimes becomes a difficult state for a lot of people putting into consideration the different factors evolving around our daily life routine and that also involves other people too.
Drawing from all said above, I don't think there's any set rule that can be exercised in order to make one happy always. You just have to do whatever pleases and makes you happy which also involves shunning any external factor that might cause you mood swings. If one can achieve doing this, t I bet you can make yourself happy every now and then.
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Happiness comes from within and it can be achieved naturally. The best bet is just doing what makes you happy.if being alone delight you then very well stay alone.

Leave people that annoys or depresses you.The only person that allows anything negative come close is you.So leave annoying environment and people.

If you like good things of life and you desire to have them,then be productive. Be an employee or start your business to make money to be able to afford them.

Always look  out for what can makes your heart be merrried and don't listen to what others have to say or believe  about you.

Remember you are the only person that can make your self happy,so don't expect it from people or things.
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answered by LEGEND (6,021 points) 6 13 26
Happiness is a comes from inside of you. Only when you nourish your insides can you truly be happy. You are can achieve happiness by doing what your heart desires regardless of what the rest of the world thinks or says.
Happiness is a feeling and a state of mind. You can draw Hapiness from the things that happen around you only when you reflect the same energy. If you do the things that please you and the ones you love, you'll always be happy.
Happiness is what you make of it. When you go to places or people looking for happiness, always remember that Hapiness comes from within you. You can only get how much you give and you can't give what you don't have.
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Happiness is a natural gift of nature that enable us attain state of fulfillment. This could be easily achieve or difficult depending on individual. Here are few tips to make you achieve happiness.
Be simple and contempted: The moment your life style is simple you tend take everything around you easy and you try as much as possible to cut your coat according to your size.  This makes you to plan your self according your available resources and you stay very happy regardless your situation. Being rich is not happiness but being fulfilled is happiness.
Be faithful and positive : The moment you believe that God makes all things happen and also test us in different ways.  You will easily find happiness in any situation you find yourself and be hopeful and positive especially if you believe that in every difficulties there comes a relief
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There are several ways of achieving happiness and one of them being, finding that special person who can give you the happiness, many a times its always that person you're in love with. Some people are very caring, loving and you'll just feel like you should always be around them. Other people believe that marriages make someone happy but not all marriages. The essential thing here is finding that one true love who can always be there for you.

Secondly, you can achieve happiness if  you decide that you want to be happy from within yourself. Its just a matter of finding something from within which will give you some inner joy. Also, mingle out with people, air out your thoughts and try being an extrovert. This will surely work with time although the process is always gradual.
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Happiness can only be attained through intentional effort by an individual to be or remain in a blisssful state. You can choose to be happy or not it all depends on you. There is this erroneous belief that happiness is something that you can achieve by relying on people for it.

The bitter truth is nobody can ever make you happy except yourself. Some depend on their wives, husbands, children, brothers etc for happiness. Due to this very reason that's why most people are not genuinely happy. Once you are aware that happiness is something that's internally generated not externally stimulated you have already set yourself up for constant happiness.

In summary, happiness is not a fuction of one's emotional attachment to anybody but to the attainment of one's goals in life.
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Happiness is a personal choice. It must come from within and should not be associated to material things or to other people (even family or friends). Because once you depend on other people, then you are looking for their happiness, and not your own. Happiness emanates from having a mind that's able to see the positive in even the tiniest of things. It may arise from being able to change your bed sheets after a rough day or being able to help a friend with his or her struggles. Happiness doesn't have a measure or limit. One important step towards happiness is doing the thing you have always wanted to do no matter what the circumstances are. Take a break from your busy life and start devoting more time for yourself and in further knowing oneself.
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Happiness starts in you. You can only decide if certain things will truly makes you happy or not. There are people who smiles but there are no smiles in their eyes. True smiles comes from the eyes not from the lips. Happiness comes in different forms and reason. It should not be from material things or something that just happen quickly. Actually it is you who decide if you are happy or not. If you are not happy, then do not fool yourself. If you are not happy for long, choose to find what makes you feel happy. Do not let a day ruin your life because you think you are not that happy. It is you who will say the true meaning of happiness. Like me, I am happy when I am free of worries. I am not into material things or money. I am more of appreciation of little things and blessings.
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Achieving happiness is not easy, some would think it like that but if you still think that happiness is not easy to get you are wrong. It is really easy to achieve happiness, though not all the time we get what we want but still, we can achieve happiness depending on how we see things. As I grow old I learned that pleasing everyone around me is just restraining me to do what I really want and what makes me really happy that why I decided to stop pleasing everybody. You can only achieve happiness when you are doing what you really want to do, as long as you are not violating and hurt someone it is ok to do what you want. Through that achieving happiness is never be too hard, you just have to be true to yourself and be yourself so that you can enjoy life to its fullest.
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Happiness is in the little things but we keep looking for happiness in big achievements. Another mistake that we often make is that we keep postponing our happiness. Happiness is not in the distant future but right here, right now. Happiness means different to different people but one thing that all will agree is that happiness is an inside job. People living in slums are also happy inspite of their adverse circumstances while a person living in a mansion might be quite unhappy inspite of all the riches and luxuries. I find meditation quite helpful to achieve a relaxed, happy state of mind. 15-20 minutes of meditation on a daily basis help me to stay calm and joyous. Counting your blessings is another way to be happy.

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