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So the other day I came across this documentary about how certain Americans have been preparing theirselves in case of an extraterrestrial attack, nuclear attack or anything of that nature. The documentary showed how each one of them have built multiple life sustaining underground bunkers beneath their homes. The documentary didn't just talked about certain people but also government built bunkers expanding to hundreds of acres like cities beneath the ground. Almost everything can be found in this underground cities, malls, conference centers, parking lots, apartments and so much more. I was amazed to see such commitment towards building something the majority of the world haven't put into consideration. 

Is this to say there's some sort of apocalyptic event waiting to happen in the nearest future? What will you you if such happened? image

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I think each kind of apocalypse needs its own "safe place". I've always thought that if there would be a zombie apocalypse, I would be going straight to the malls and lock myself inside. Everything is in the mall, food, armory, blankets, clothes, whatever one needs, basically. So that wouldn't be a very bad idea. Underground forts are also okay. Then again, you would have to build it before the apocalypse starts and then of course, stock food, which could be quite an effort. Also, who would ever think of having a zombie apocalypse to build an underground fortress just in case. Lol. But overall, underground fortress would be more secure i think. Zombies are quite weak and slow, except those from The Walking Dead.

For alien invasion, i don't think we really have an escape for that. They have all the gadgets for invasion, given it's true that they have very advanced technology.

For natural disaster kind of apocalypse, underground fortress is probably the best bet. It's stable and not prone to anything i think.

I'd probably be part of the dead people in any of these apocalypses though. I'm not very fast and in fact a bit lazy. Maybe if i stay in a panic room with lots of food and water supply, i'd be okay. Otherwise, nope. Dead. I'd be dead.
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Well, I woud probably be part of the dead ones. I do not believe an "alien" apocalypse will happen, but I believe natural disasters will happen with even more frequence (such as the one that is hitting the USA right now). These things do not happen ramdonly, they are the result of us, human beings, distroying and polluting earth! Global warming is real and little to nothing is really being made to prevent it. Maybe some crazy disease such as ebola will also take the world and people will die in great numbers. That is the kind of apocalypse I believe will happen and I do not believe liing underground will do much good. As for aliens, why would they waste their time coming here?
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We hear apocalypse and we think "end of the world, extinction of human race."

All I can think of would be how to survive in such a harsh reality. An Apocalypse can take many forms. Wars, plagues, disaster or perhaps extra terrestrial invasion -if aliens really exist. I like to think there's nothing man has left untouched on earth that aliens are interested in so an alien abduction would be more conceivable.

I think man will cause the end of mankind.If you look closely and study the world we live in today, it is not totally false If you say an apocalypse has begun. There's hunger, starvation, killings, and all sorts of violence around the world. All we do is survive as humans and if there'd be and end, it would have been a game of survival of the fittest.
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I think I'll agree with you pointing to the fact that an apocalypse has already started sighting man's inhuman actions towards one another with emphasis to series of violence, wars and ever increasing killings going on in almost every part of each continent today. I like to think that these are definitely going to be the end result following an apocalypse, it's only right to think that it has already begun. 

On the point of an alien invasion (if ever), you stated that man has left no place on touched that aliens won't be interested in anything. On the contrary, there's us...just like we do to lesser species on earth. Think of them as probably an advance and more intelligent life forms wanting to capture and study us like we do to animals. #laughs.  
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As for me i am not scared of anything called apocalypse. I already have the knowledge on how later days events are going to play out. And there is nothing you and i are going to do about it.
If it ever happens in whatever form it's going to take i would resign myself to fate that whatever happens to me is according to the divine will of God. The bible books of revelations has made me to understand that an occurance like the apocalypse is inevitable so therefore i am not moved by it.
In moments like that i know death is unavoidable. And apparently there is no hiding or safe place for anyone to take refuge. Besides why running away from something you know someday it would definitely come--death.
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That's very true I must say. Both Islam and Christianity talks about a certain dooms day waiting to happen sometimes in the future. The thought of it only scares me crazy even though no one has a clue when it will happen. I admire your courage I must add. 
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If the apocalypse you are referring to would be the end of the world, then I don't think I'd be able to do anything about it, no matter how much time or resources I devote to prepare for it. Now if we will be able to anticipate it, I'd rather spend my time on things and people that matter most to me, as if everyday would be my last.

I just hope the apocalypse wouldn't be the plague or famine type of thing because these events will just make people suffer, especially the most vulnerable ones. Hence, if there's such a thing that would cause an end to the earth, I'd like it to be the very same thing that brought life into this planet--the comets and meteorites.
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I also hope it won't bring about famine, starvation and mass human suffering, but then that's what an apocalypse is all about. I also think its a good point you made on people spending more time with their loved ones so that in case an end of the event happens during our life time, we'll know it was a life well spent. On the point of what might just bring the world to an end, it might just be the same as what started life in the first place. Am sure a lot of religious devoted people will agree on that point as it is referred to as judgment day in the holy books. 
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I do admit that I am not a religious person, so will you enlighten me on what the Bible says about how the world will end?

Thank you.
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I wouldn't call myself religious and very devoted person too, I just know the stand point of the two major religious holy book, Qur'an and Bible says about how the world will end. The scriptures of both books are very similar. They start with talking about signs, signs that are ever getting stronger these days, signs like men becoming lovers of theirselves, boasters, blasphemers, disobedience to parents, unholy, distasteless biggots, worshipers of money, lovers of Satan and unholy desires than of God, and quiet a few more. We see all these signs today. They also point to other things like needless killings, increasing wars, sufferings and hunger, the coming of the Antichrist and finally, the second coming of Christ the bible says. 

These are a few I can remember, correct me if am wrong. 

Like I said, am not a devoted religious person. I like to keep an open mind all the time, so I can also relate to your point on how science explains the beginning of life starting from the big bang explosion some billions of years ago which formed our know world. It goes a step forward by describing how rogue meteorites and comets kept crashing into earth depositing water and other substances which eventually started the biological evolution of life. I think it's okay to say science has made believers out of us given the many unanswered questions in our religions, not that science doesn't have some too. 
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Thank you so much for your comprehensive answer. I do agree with you that the signs you have mentioned kept on piling up nowadays. And if these indeed are the signs of apocalypse then we may be nearing our end. That's a bit scary, though.

For the record, I've asked you to share your insights because I haven't read the entire bible. Just a few verses. Thanks again
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Wars are everywhere, so I think it is possible. It is stated in the Bible that we will have a war in different countries, there will be a lot of people that will go smarter and selfishness will stand out. Apocalypse is what we where going when this happen. They build bunker because a nuclear attack will happen. It is even stated in the prophecies of Nostradamus. Some of the events he fore sees already happened so it could happen. I just hope that those who have bunkers or building a tiny nation under a land will not be selfish and share that to the people who don't have any idea. I do believe that Japan is even building the nation under a land and even Russia could have one too. Not sure with China and America. I felt sad about apocalypse but it will surely happen.
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Exactly the point the question is trying to make. An  apocalypse is inevitable as it has been foretold by many, even the greatest of all seers, Nostradamus, like you mentioned. Although I hate to admit it, but all his prophecies on their time amongst his 1800 something prophecies have come to pass leaving more of future times to come. If we go by his undoubted reputation for 99.9% accurate predictions, then a nuclear apocalypse is inevitable and underway. How we plan for such a terrifying moment is what matters and what the said documentary was all about. I hate to say this, but the U.S government is always one step ahead and ontop of their game, same as other world powers like Russia, China and others. So if the these people have started preparing theirselves and building safe zones, then its something to really think about and consider preparing yourself too. 
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If there is a real apocalypse I think I will study and learn how to do vegetation. It is best to have knowledge about farming when there is an apocalypse, so I would study how to make a farm and to make it grow. It is very beneficial for me, in that way, I wouldn't have to fight and to steal foods from others just to survive. I believe that when the apocalypse is happening there will also be a great famine in the entire world, so it is better to learn and to have knowledge about vegetation and plantation. Also, I will obtain knowledge and experience on how to do crafts. It is necessary especially at that time because there will be a time when you have to do it on your own because it will be really hard to find someone who will help you to do some stuff.
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