Yoga is not just another one of those fitness trends that come and go. Yoga is considered by many to be a complete lifestyle. It has profound healing power, spiritual consequences on health and is the one cure for many health issues...
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Yoga, and many other forms of physical exercise, for that matter, cause the release of endorphins, and studies show that a person's emotional state directly correlates with their physical state, so if you're exercising regularly in a way that you enjoy, you're much happier overall, which can cause your entire body to respond in kind. Yoga is also very emotionally pleasing even putting aside that physical exercise gives a good effect, because it often includes pleasing stimuli-- candles, incense, comfortable clothing, a gentle atmosphere, sometimes even calm and soothing music. While it does have its benefits, however, it still cannot cure all diseases and can only improve the state of one suffering from emotional issues or certain bodily pains. It can't cure cancer, psychopathy, or even arthritis, though it can certainly improve the latter.
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So how good is yoga? Is there any better alternative to yoga which is much more entertaining?
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yoga is an attitude and aa way of living where we are more focused on us, our body, soul and all the needs of these so, it is a nice feeling when we are nurturing ourselves.
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The strength of mind is the greatest weapon a person carries. The yoga is the way to make your mind more powerful. Whatever may be the problem, the yoga has proved to be effective in all the ways. It has the greatest healing power. 
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