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It's like asking whether God is real. Even human phenomena has thought us that there is opposing force to every existing force. For example, where there is positive there also negative force, where there is light there also darkness, where is good there bad. Same goes for God and Satan. God is the good force which is light while Satan the bad force which is darkness.

Evidentially, every good things happening in the world is propelled by the force of God. Undoubtably, any bad things in the world is orchestrated by satan. His activities is noticeable through the work of men just as it is with that of God.

Now to the question whether Satan is real, yes he is real. He is as old as the beginnig of the world. If you're familiar with the biblical scriptures, you will remember how he made the first man and woman to sin. He was the serpent that deceived Eve that subsequently did same to Adam. It was through Satan sin entered the world which was the first of many to come.
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Yes,Satan is as real as God. If we believe there's God that stands for good and want us doing good then we should Also believe there's one person responsible for all  the evil and bad people in the world which is Satan.

We are made to understand that that when an angel called Lucifer was disloyal to God and trying to compare himself with God.God needed to show him that he was the only person in charge throw him out of heaven to hell and he became the enemy of God and swore to turn God's people away from God.

So since then Lucifer also known as Satan as being roaming the earth looking for who to devour and put in his captivity so Satan is real.
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Yes, Satan is real and that's why all the bad things happen on earth.The Bible has clearly shown us how Satan came to exist. If it weren't for Satan, then I don't think we could be having hard times living on earth. According to my understanding, I am trying figure in a way, all the earthly evil things happening on earth are as a result of Satan. Satanic acts like murder,corruption, prostitution are condemned in the Bible but are happening on earth because of the powers of Satan.

If Satan didn't exist, then we couldn't be having satanic churches and also the existence of Illuminati. Satan also needs followers and that's why he's giving away all the riches so that people can turn to him. Satan is real and no matter how much am convinced he doesn't exist, I won't believe it.
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Satan is real. Everything that is evil like doing a murder, being selfish, being envy or even being stealing is satanic. He is the one that influenced Eve to eat the apple. Since Eve is only a woman and a human being, she became weak. That is the reason we are now having sins because the origin of human made sins. In our present life, those who can be fool by evil are doing evil. If you are thinking of doing something bad and you think there is no one watching you, then that is evil. I think he is being competitive, trying to list all the people he will get to be with him. I do believe in God and God for sure will not allow it. I really feel creepy answering this question and I don't understand. I will just pray for me not to be weak and I want to be with God always.
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Satan is real. This is why you see people come out confidently to the world and say they worship Satan. The Glory of black magic, rituals, fetish, witchcraft etc all goes to Satan. This is the origin of all evil. If you know there's bad, you'll know evil. If you believe in God then you'll know Satan exists.

Having said all that, I can't wrap my head around the fact that all evil done on this earth is the work of Satan. I mean, people in their right minds do the most despicable things and blame it on the devil. I wonder if there was another devil behind Lucifer when he decided to disobey God. Perhaps as there's good, there's also evil in everyone.
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