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Well, I would tell you in a summary that I see God as the omniscient, omnipotent and ominipresent. He is all knowing, all seeing and ever present.
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I can say that God is my savior and protection all the way, even though I don't see him besides me but, with what is happening around me, I am truly blessed and protected.

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God may be or may mean several different things to each individual. There are many religions and beliefs and so having an exact answer to this question is simply impossible. Many people believe in God and in Jesus, others simply believe in animals and other gods...some people do not believe in anything at all. My point of view is that God, Jesus and so on they are good energy that pour blessings in our lives. It is hard to live a life and not believe in anything, and even though the Bible might not be 100% accurate (as we were not there to see things happen with our own eyes) it gives people guidance so they see meaning in life and do not feel like they were born out of randomness.
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God is the creator of heaven and earth. He is the supreme ruler of this heave and earth. He also created every living and non living things dwelling in the earthly part of his creation. He created man and made him to have dominion over other things. God is seen in action every day through the air we breath, words we speak, crops we cultivate, food we eat, and every other things created by him to make life worth living for man. He is God of mercy, compassion and all forgiving. His power is incomparable to those other gods. He is the Lord of lords, the alpha and omega; the beginning and the end. Despite the claim that there are these and those gods, but there is no other like the true Jehovah God.
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God which is the biblical God which I know is the all knowing and all wise God.I'm referring to the Bible God because I know we have so many Gods and it stands for different things for different people.

To me God is the most powerful being and I chose him because I know he is capable to do all things possible for me.He created everything we have in the world and he did them with just the words under his breath,it shows how great he can be.

God wants us his children to do good,so as to dwell with him externally and I know though we are imperfect as he created us,he has promised to make us perfect in him to have the best of life.
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God is the supreme being who created the universe and what it contains. God is God of today, tomorrow and will forever be there for us. Most of the religions worldwide believe in God although use different terms.If it weren't for God, then we couldn't be alive even now. God is the only person who can give and take life at his own time.

Some people don'tbelieve in the existence of God at all and I fail to understand how they came to be. I wish they could let us know how human being came to exist because all theories put up saying that humans came from monkeys is just a rumour and isn't realistic. As a Christians, I believe in the existence of one true mighty God who will reign forever.
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You are absolutely right but I differ when you describe God as a person. He is a supernatural being. 
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God is perfect. Even without saying our prayer, he already know what we needed and wanted. He only give what we need because he know that when he give it, there are lots of people will be benefited from it. God always forgives. He is a forgiving father. He is faithful and loyal. He listens. He loves his creatures. He is always there for them. I love him and I want to be with him in heaven. I long for eternal life and that is what I exists for. I am afraid of God when I do mistakes. I say a prayer of forgiveness instantly. I just hate when I get weak that I can do mistakes again. I make sin again. I cannot be perfect. I know God is giving us a chance day by day. Everything that bad happens to us are results of our decisions. It is the consequences of our acts.
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I can tell you that God is a supernatural being and he is present in each and everyone of us. Some People would say that God does not exist because they don't believe. However, there's a feeling that there's something larger than life itself and bigger than the rest of us. That's the feeling of a God.

While I would define God as divine, others would depict a god in stones, animals, plants, statues etc. There's only one thing common here. It is the fact that only a God answers prayers, and offers peace. It is only a God that we run to when all fails. When we get that feeling of helplessness and not being able to do anything, we feel the need for a miracle, that's the need for God.
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God is actually existing. And there are undeniable proof to existence of God, but before delving into logical proof of God's existence, it must be known that in this great universe, the inner state of each thing determines and limits  what it can receive and enjoy of the world around it. although recognition of God depends on the state of mind or heart,  and so it is with all phenomena, each thing can only receive and enjoy the blessing around it .So it is according to his own state and not accordance with reality of what actually exist around it.

Certain things are still real even with normal human comprehension, the world didn't just exist by mistake, as accordance as it is, someone must have created it, the human being didn't just exist, God created us. Though scientist still argue to the direction of human comes from apes, but they fail to detail us if there have being further transformations since then!. God created it all and Hus creations are more perfect than human.
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The concept of God is a very wide scope because to different religions that are being practiced all over the world, they all have different interpretation of their God, although there are some religion where their God are somehow similar in many ways.
Christians have a different opinion about their own beliefs and their God. Take for instance, catholics have their religious beliefs keyed on the doctrine of trinity in one God - being God the father, God the son and God the holy spirit.

Islamic religion have its own belief in Allah being their God with Muhammad as well. The same thing goes for every other religion being practiced in the world today such as Buddhism, Paganism, etc.

Personally, I'm a full time Christian, so I believe in the God known in the holy Bible.
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There is so much i can say about GOD, but there is only one thing that i keep on thinking all the time when i think about GOD. That GOD is Holy and the bible says in Hebrews 12:14 that for without holiness nobody will see the LORD meaning without holiness nobody will enter into the kingdom of  GOD.

This is the same GOD who was there in the beginning, HE wiped the whole earth with floods because of the wickedness of the people of that time, HE burned down the two cities Sodom and Gomorrah because of the increased wickedness of sexual sin, and who do we think we are that GOD has been so patient with this generation, we have continued in our sins and wickedness again and again and GOD has been so patient with us. What do you think HE will do when HE decides to act on this generation? This really keeps me thinking what GOD would do. 2nd Peter 3:9

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