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I have no idea whether Heaven exists but some priests think that Hell was created by man many years ago to keep people under control. If they thought they would go to Hell for sinning they were less like to behave badly.
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I really don't know since no one alive sees it for real, but base on my cousin's dream, heaven is real.

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9 Answers

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I am quite sure this is a catch 22 question, after all none of us have died yet to be able to tell for certain. It depends on your religion and beliefs...some people believe there is a limbo, hell and paradise...some people prefer to believe on this in a way so they have something after death comes. I am sure there are many theories, explanations and so on, but I only believe what I see in most cases. It is hard to tell if there is heaven in hell, even though it has been pictured in so many books and shows that it is hard not to believe in them. But it simply might be something people made up so they have an "after" when they die.
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If you believe there is life after death, you will also believe that there are designated places for the human soul. And these places are called heaven and hell, and they are real as the air we breath and the food we eat. Who are those that are to go to heaven and those that are to go to hell? If you are the type of person that is good and have the habit of doing good to your fellow man, you are heaven bound. But if you are the type that is bad and don't care about the needy and their plights, you are hell bound. Heaven is a place met for those who are hearers and doers of what God says while hell on the other hand is for those that are rebelious to the word of God.
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I will be answering this question as a Christian which I have being  told by my Bible that heaven and hell is actually a place and the deeds we do on earth will determine where we will be whether heaven or earth.

I want to tow that line that these two are real places.The Bible says when Lucifer was disloyal to God and he was thrown to hell from heaven which I know is a place and God is in heaven which shows that there are two different places.Heaven and hell.

This is to say that only the good people will be in heaven with God,while evil and bad people will be send to hell to  burn for eternity.Heaven and hell is real.
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Some people think that Heaven and Hell were created to keep people in order many years ago. If people thought they would go to Hell they would be far less likely to break the law. Most of us like to think there is something after this life, a good place for those who conducted their lives in a decent manner and a bad place for those who didn't.

The truth is we don't really know for certain. I wouldn't say I was particularly religious but I don't feel that it is the end when we die so I would like to think that there is a special place that I will go when my earthly life is over where I will meet all my loved ones who have gone on before me.  I could be completely wrong and maybe there is nothing but either way I hope there will be no more pain or suffering.
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Yes heaven and hell are real and we can trace it back to the Bible. Heaven is preserved for the righteous people and those people who have been living according to the Bible teaching. Those people who will go to heaven are the ones who did well while on earth, suffered for the sake of the gospel and now they'll be enjoying those fruits while in heaven. On the other hand, hell Is preserved for those people who enjoyed life on earth, were advised to repent their sins but they never.Its in hell where all people suffer the pain of their sins.

Through faith, we believe in the existence of heaven and everyone has faith that they'll finally see it one day.
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In the Bible, if you do not follow the rule of the Lord, you will go to Hell. If you did, you will go to Heaven. I do believe that there is a Heaven or hell. I do believe it literally. I even define hell as life full of struggle when no one is willing to help you and even putting you down when they know you are weak. Heaven for me is when I have a day with peace of mind. I worry too much. I know worrying could cause too much stress but I will feel heaven when I am free of worries and anxieties. Heaven is a paradise. Where we can have an everlasting life with the Lord, that is why while we are still hear, our God is giving us a chance to change our ways and follow what it is written in the bible. Let us ask for forgiveness of our sins every day so that when our time is come we have a chance to be with him in heaven.
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Only when you die can you know for sure whether heaven or hell is real. However, we believe it or not based on our personal convictions that have been framed by religion and spirituality. If you believe in God, then you'd believe that heaven and hell is real. There's a resting place for everyone and good people will certainly not be with bad people. They are placed above them. They don't get equal judgement.

Logically, Looking at all the evil going on around the world today, evil doers are literally going Scott free, you'll know that it isn't what nature intended. Naturally, people pay for all the bad things they've done. So if they go free here, they are walking straight into the here after to pay for their sins and the innocent ones will be duely comforted. That's just how it is and no one can escape retribution.
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There are many things that mankind have always desire to know if they are actually real or not. Such of which is heaven and hell.
Doubting if heaven and hell is real is the same way as doubting if accident is real. Why not one take a car and hit it hard on a concrete wall to ascertain if they are actually real. The myth exist in thought and manifest in reality.

Even some person usually thought or believes the dead just travelled and will soon return until when he/she returns no more or until when buried.

Thus, heaven and hell are both real and every man Shaw find him self in either of the places. God actually exist and He created heaven and hell to reward stewardship of humble worship of Him by men.

So both were not just created in thought as in impression rather they both exist. As much as existence of men till today as no definite source that is bettee than the one of God. And even to the ex
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This has been the age-old question since the beginning of time. There is scientific proof that people lived in caves and drew crude pictures on the wall. This was way before anyone ever introduced religion to the world as we know it today. Over years man evolved and learn to speak and produce items that helped them to move around freely. Today technology has taken over. There are many people who believe in the existence of God and the Devil. Now the real question is where did they actually come from? I believe we will have an after-life but I am just not sure where it will be. It is a good thing to believe in God and heaven because when a loved one dies you want to believe in your heart they are in a better place and at peace. 
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