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Yes. At least by saying so, people will start doing good things, is it not?
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Probably we will go in heaven and probably not, since we don't know what will happen after our death, but we believe that if we do good and we follow our God, we will be in heaven.

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When you believe the in the existence of heaven and hell, you have certain doctrines that guide you towards that belief system. Now I can say that relatively all teachings talk about something somewhat universal. They talk about the good of humanity and how doing good to yourself and others takes you to heaven.
Even when you are Just spiritual, without any sort of rules to go by and you believe in the afterlife, you'll know within you that you need to do good. Even when you don't believe, it is a human inclination to do good. Whether heaven is a place or a feeling inside you, doing good wil definitely take you there. Being good is never out of style.
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Yes doing good things could take you to heaven under certain conditions.  Heaven or hell  exist only in the mind of those who believe that there is God and there is life after death. Fundamentally if you believe in God and life after then you believe in heaven or hell.  Now doing good things have two different categories in my opinion.
Doing good things on earth,  these are things you do to  your fellow human beings either by been very kind and supportive to who ever needs your help,  you try as much possible to obey rules and regulations set up by your country , your organization or your school  if you are a students these are all worldly good things that can be a stepping stone to going to heaven however,  the good things that gives you tickets straight to heaven is primarily to worship God according to his teachings, fear HIm in congregation and in solitude.
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All I know is that doing good things will make you a good person. In certain belief systems, however, this equates to being granted the passes to heaven, where apparently all good people go.

Although there's no evidence that will truly point us to the existence of either heaven or hell, this belief conditions people's minds to do good in the fear of being thrown to hell.

If your intention of asking this question is centered in doubt that all the things you've been doing here on earth will not be recognized, fear not, for I think it is better to leave something that people will remember than do good things just because the afterlife thought scares you. Wouldn't you feel glad knowing that people will remember you as the person who lived his life with compassion and selfishness?

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answered by LEGEND (6,082 points) 7 22 49
Let the truth be told, doing good while on earth is part of the preconditions for one to make it to heaven after life on earth. There is peace of mind and great sense of fulfilment when you're compassionate, considerate and empathetic to your fellow man. To be able to feel the pain, suffering, anguish they are going through. To be able to put a smile on people's faces.

Turn around you, you see a whole lot of people dying of impoverishment, malnourishment, disesases, sickness, etc. And there we have those that called themselves politicians, pastors, aristocrates, technocrates etc, living as if this less privileged people don't exist. There is  no two ways about it if you are the type that is always looking at for the poor and needy and your heart is pure nothing is going to stop you from making it to heaven, period!
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Well,I will be answering this from the standpoint of a Christian and what the holy Bible has to say. We are made to understand that only the righteous or good people will see God and where is God he is in heaven and if this is so.I think yes,only the good people that must have done good things will see heaven or get into heaven.

I also believe that by doing good things we might be having the heavenly feeling even here on earth. God has promised those that do good things even now heaven on earth. So it is a win win situation. One enjoy heavenly feeling on  earth and later dies and still get to be in heaven.So we just have to be good and do good things to enjoy this.
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Doing good is one of the reason why we go in Heaven, but it is not only that. If you will read the Bible, sharing goodness and kindness is what God want us to do while we are here on earth. He also don't want us to be selfish. The real deal if we want to have an eternal life is when we be like Jesus Christs. There is a part in the bible that tell us about Jesus Christ. He was judge by the people but he did not do anything to hurt them. He just listen to his father, Our God. He will do all of what it takes and whatever he wants. Like, his will be done. Doing good is part of what God wants us to do here on earth. If we will start to help each other and one by one helping to save our souls, then we will not worry about having eternal life with the Lord. If we want us to be save, doing good is possible.
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Yes good deeds are a guarantee but if you're a Christian you need to supplement your actions with certain religious rites. For instances, pastors have been preaching that you cannot see the kingdom of God until you're baptised. I think being baptised is the core thing you need to do before anything else. Ensure you receive salvation then doing good things will follow.

There are several definitions of good things. I tend to imagine you're talking about being charitable, visiting the old and the orphans,  visiting the jailed, offering something to the street kids. If this is what you mean by good deeds, then you'll surely be heading to heaven. But then, don't forget to repent your sins because its very very crucial.
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answered by ELITE (3,094 points) 3 6 14
Doing good will definitely take us to heaven because heaven was actually created for the good doers, the world is still in existence and even the human sanity with astute though iimperfect coexistence is promoted by doing good or the good people are doing. If the principle of doing good is out of the world I trust every walls will have collapse.
Thus, doing good cuts across right doing by the leadership of the country, parents taking responsibility of the upbringing of their children, not making life unnecessarily difficult for people  and just to mention but few.

However, most truthful religions teaches us to do good and deal with all circumstance with pure heart of giving support aworshipping God in truth and open mind. It us believed that everybody will be judged according to his or her good wills.
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There is bigger chance to get into heaven when you do many good things when you are still alive. Drawing close to God and having a desire to please God by doing good things give you greater chance to be accepted in heaven than those who live without God and is selfish, ungodly and evildoer.

Jesus said in the Bible that we should feed the hungry, welcome a stranger, cloth the naked and visit those in prison. Whatever we do to less fortunate we do it to Jesus. Those who did this will be welcome in heaven.

We should be rich in good works. We will be rewarded with eternal life if we do a lot of good things. To go to heaven we must also pray prayer of acceptance that we accept Jesus as our savior.

There are many good people but not a believer of Jesus. We are not sure if they will be recognize in heaven
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Every Christian is worried about afterlife no matter how one tries to deny it, it something that gives us a very serious concern because there is no way of getting to know exactly what would happen to you in the next minute. You can't really be absolutely sure whether you are in good footing and relationship with God at that point in time. This is the reason why most people strive to lead a righteous life devoid of sin and iniquities in order to stand a good chance of making heaven should they die at any moment.
But from what I know about being able to make heaven, it doesn't matter how hard you try to be righteous and do good things as long as you are alive, it requires the grace of God for anyone to make heaven. We are all sinners even when we are doing good.

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