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By doing good things in this birth and by not making this earth as hell for others.
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If one wants to avoid going to hell, then one should do what is right.  Avoid doing wrong doing to others. Do unto others what you want others do to you.
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You need to be a good person, amid all the chaos in this world.
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In my opinion, respecting people is the main reason to go to the heaven. 
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But here the problem is what is right for one person may be wrong for the other!

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By what most religions preached about Hell, it is obviously not a place every one with conscience will wish to go. Hell exist after death. In my opinion here are few tips to follow so as to avoid going to Hell.
You must have a religion :This serve a guidance to our ways of making life comfortable and the life after. Almost all religions preaches about how to get to paradise , and also how to avoid going to hell. By belonging to a religion you have the opportunity to be reminded at intervals of time on things you must to avoid going to hell and of you follow them strictly you are safe.
Make a comparative analysis of your religion and others,  most of us are also carried a way in the religion our parents practice such we don't seem to have the zeal to verify the authenticity of this religion.  As a human religion is a fundamental freedom of worship and there are certain things that makes a religion to be authentic and worth practicing cos there is no doubt most religions will lead to no where than hell.
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You say 'you must have a religion'. What about people who do not know to which religion they belong?
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Basically one can avoid going to hell by doing good. If you don't want to go to hell you must be ddeliberate with words, deeds and actions. Mark my words, hell is not a place anybody would like to go. As we were taught that is a place of everlasting torment. A place where there will be gnashing of teeth. And it's also a place where the Satan the king of darkness himself is the real deal. For those that think hell is not in existence they will be given their greatest surprise of life when they find themselves there. For not to go there, you have to be be upright, sinless and righteous in all you do. I know it's very difficult to be free from sin but unfortunately it's the only criterium for you not to go to hell. If you are righteous, you would definitely be good to your fellow man.
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If you ask this question then you acknowledge that hell is real. If you don't want to go to hell then you must be good. Seek the truth for yourself and know what is right and wrong. Then you must banish all evil deeds. Even when you make mistakes as no one is perfect, you must seek forgiveness.

If you have a belief, you might think that the principles guarding how to escape hell is limited to your ways but it isn't usually the case. Many people have different belief with slightly different ideology about what hell is about.

Having a religion does not expressly qualify you for heaven. There are many atheist out there with the best of character offering services to humanity. They just might be the kinds that make it to heaven.
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I know we are all imperfect beings and we were even born as imperfect beings but God has given us the laws and commandments on how we can still make heaven and avoid going to hell.

We can start by avoiding sin,what will naturally send us to hell is sin.we should stop sinning.

We should reconcile back to God,God want us to acknowledged him and dwell with him to avoid going to hell.

Accepting Jesus Christ as our lord and personal savour will saved us from going to hell.God doesn't wants us to perish.

Preaching God words and bringing people back to God and urging them to keep to all God's ordinances and actually loving our neighbors as we love ourselves.
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The only way we can avoid going to hell is by living according to the Biblical teachings. In short, I mean, living a righteous life and always doing good. Be generous, love your neighbours as you love yourself, be faithful, always prayerful among other good deeds. I just realised that most of the people who call themselves Christians have very pathetic deeds which demoralises me most of the times. They go to church every Sunday but their actions are very wanting, this hypocrisy which is prohibited in the bible.

Its good to follow your heart but when it tells you to do the right thing but you should also follow your conscious.In fact, no one knows whether they'll go to heaven or not. We have made several sins and haven't repented because we tend to forget. Only God knows what will happen when the end of the world comes.
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Believing in bible and how to be like Jesus Christ will stop our souls to be in Hell. The bible is left for us to read and to learn the life of God and Jesus Christ. Our God gave the ten commandments to Moises for us to follow. If we know we need to read the bible and spread the word of God and we are not doing anything about it, then surely we will be going to hell. If we will not praise God, ask for forgiveness and accept him us our savior then we will be going to hell. That is why while we are still breathing, we all have a chance to do good and to change our wrong doings. We have enough time to make God know that we want to have an eternal life in heaven. We don't want to wait till the judgment day or the second coming of Jesus Christ before we start to change.
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They claim there are a heaven and a hell right here on earth today. Heaven is what we make it and how we act towards others. The hell is what others can do to people to make their lives miserable and hurt people. In life, we need to try and be as kind to others as we possibly can and treat them with the respect they deserve. We should not harm people and say cruel things to them to make them feel bad. It is up to all of us to make our own heaven and hell here on earth. If you don't want to be in hell then it is easy for you to change this and be kind to people around you and not harm them. 

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