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What about real life ghosts that haunt us? They are the force to reckon with!

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answered by LEGEND (6,021 points) 6 13 26
If ghosts were a force, wouldn't that make them more realistic? If I said that ghosts are real, you would probably not believe me without proof. These are things beyond explanation and facts. People over time have always narrated their ordeals with what they conceive to be ghosts.
I like to think that ghost are real although I haven't had any personal experience. This brings me to reasoning that you can only know for sure when you have an experience. I've seen on documentaries where paranormal activities believed to be of ghosts were recording on some sort of device. You might want to think that it was staged. No doubt there are many unexplainable things that have happened.  Words of the mouth can't tell you whether ghosts are real or not. You need personal conviction to believe it or not.
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answered by ELITE (3,054 points) 8 36 66
I don't think there's a concrete answer to this question so I'd rather tell you about what I believe. I think ghosts are real but not in the sense that they would be able to take over someone else's body like the case of possession or be able to show their faces to the living. I'm saying they are real because I think people who departed the earth still live with us, in the form of energy (like a sphere or whatever). They do not entirely leave this earth rather they just let go of their physical body, to which I'd like to think is a vessel that contains the soul.

This belief is kind of anchored to the law of conservation of energy, although I still cannot explain it clearly.
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Ghosts are not real neither can they be force. They are just an imaginary tales people cook up just to scare there fellow men. Ghosts as we were made to believe are creepy creatures that can get human beings terrified. And that they are out there in abandoned places like unoccupied houses as we used to see in movies where they occupy a whole isolated building creating all kinds of menace particularly with those humans that mistakenly visit the building. Sadly, some of us has allowed such memories to linger in our minds that there is existence of ghost or some forces are operated by them. In reality there is nothing like ghost and they are not real and they also not forces to reckon with.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,009 points) 7 17 69
I have never believed in ghosts and I don't think I will ever do because I believe after death comes judgement and from there it is decided where one will be so I doubt the stories about ghosts being the spirit of  dead people appearing and disappearing at will.

The funniest part is that no body has been able to claim that they have really seen one it always about being told and just the figment of our imagination.

I have never seen a ghost and those that talked about it,talked in the 3rd party position nobody has ever told the story directly apart from some fiction stories and myths and legends handed down. I'm not sure about  ghosts being real.
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answered by ELITE (4,082 points) 7 26 72
I can tell you of an experience that I had which would make it sound like they were a force, I have never actually seen a ghost but I believe I witnessed some kind of paranormal force when I stayed in a bed nd breakfast. It was terrifying and I really thought something bad would happen to me. I was sleeping when the bedroom door of the room I was in shot open with such a force and then slowly closed. It was a warm night with not even a breeze so it couldn't have been caused by wind. I had gone with a friend but she had stayed out later than I had so was not there at the time.

The next day I asked the landlady of the bed and breakfast if there was anyone else staying there and she said no, my friend and I were the only people there. I have no idea what happened but I feel it was some kind of supernatural  energy that I had experienced.
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answered by LEGEND (6,394 points) 6 14 36
Ghosts are real although I have never experienced one. I have heard several stories from relatives which make me believe the existence of ghosts. I just realised, the more you conceive or think about bad things like ghosts, you'll start having hallucinations about them haunting you which doesn't occur in real life. Also, watching movies, specially horror can give us false imaginations on ghosts. I therefore think we should erase thoughts of ghosts from our minds in order to have a peaceful mind.

But then, in certain circumstances, we cannot avoid such thoughts especially after experiencing them. In this situation, the only way out is believing in the power of prayers. Also, you can share this with someone who can help you get off it.
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answered by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
For me, ghost is an energy. I have felt the energy a lot of times, in different places and I trust my gut feeling. I had seen a transparent human like shapes that are walking straight to the wall a lot of times, but I haven't seen a perfectly clear human like figure. I also felt that there are things that are moving and when I am in a new place I feel goose bump. I do believe in their presence. However, the ghost that we see in movies or in media, I haven't experience that. I can only experience the warm or cold air that makes my stomach churn and I palpitate after because I am terrified. If I am terrified it means, it has an energy, not like the energy with people who are alive. I don't want to see one face to face. I think I believe in ghost in the form of energy.
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answered by ELITE (3,094 points) 3 6 14
Ghost are much and very real and their existence actually looks virtual since its not possible to always see them as required. There are a lot of circumstances or situations whereby ghost gave manifested their existence which is never a joke. Of recent, we heard a story of a married woman who died few days after her wedding day in the far eastern part of my country and surprisingly after a year or so, her husband visited a southern part of the country to transact a business. He was actually on the business when he sighted the wife if the man he's dealing with. And the moment the woman noticed he had seen her, she just disappeared aand the man fainted. On waking him up, he asked whom the woman his and the new husband narrated how and when he met her which was actually exact period when she died tthen. It became a big subject if discuss because even as at then she was nursing a

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