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My cousin suggested me some organization who arrange volunteer abroad program abroad. How to choose the best voyage humanitarian trip program?

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Are you sure this is for you? This will be a huge investment that even though is nice can cause you a big loss of cash - and sometimes health.

If you are a picky person make sure you give it up. I am not trying to be a downer, I am just being real. I have friends who did this and regret it profusely as they just spent a lot of money and when they got there there was nothing they could effectively do to help.

They came back home with a holw in their bank accounts and worms.
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If this is what you actually want to do and help people in a third world country, I'd basically choose an organization like the Red Cross. They take volunteers to go to other countries to help people out. I know that many churches will do this and arrange trips to go to another country to help out. 

At times there can be a major flood or earthquake. They try to find people to join a certain organization and go to this country to help. I think this is a better idea than to join some online help group. You have no idea if what they are offering you is actually what you will find once you arrive.

Before joining any group or organization you should do your research first. Make sure these people are actually helping and not charging you a fortune to join the group and go overseas. When you research a group online type in the name of the organization and add the word scam at the end. This way you can find all the reviews from people who joined there and what they had to say about their experience. 

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