I wonder whether there are real aliens on earth.  What is their use and which is their language? I think they are like computers
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Aliens don't exist and if you're saying on planet earth then of course not Aliens in face of humans with human dna and human traits can exist lol. Earth had been created for humans, animals, ghosts and some other creatures not for aliens.
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I don't think we have alians at all , it is all out of movies that is created for entertaining people , but some people get effected with these movies.
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Very interesting.  I have been wondering about them.  So they are imaginary like unicorns,  aswang,  giants, fairies and company 
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There might be a piece of evidence that aliens visited our planet, and there might even be a chance that we humans discover them first. Humans visiting other planets there's a high chance for aliens to show up and leave some shreds of evidence.
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What was their aim of these aliens visiting the earth?  Did they have an agenda or they were just passing by? 
Can you tell me about those places? I'm very curious to know because I've heard it before that aliens exist. I want to see those places and make this myth sure whether aliens exist or not.
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I have heard alot about these aliens and their exisitence but i can't really agree if they are real or not, before i would believe i have to see it first with my eyes.
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