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The actual shape of the earth is oblate spheroid.
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These days still there are people who think the earth is flat. Absolutely the earth is round and every planet in the world.   
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I think, by 'world', you mean earth. If so, as long as we cannot see the whole world or earth, we cannot say it is flat or round.
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Satellites rotate around the earth, so we can see the earth from space. They scan topology of earth. Also different time zones on the earth proof that. We have day at country A at the east and at the same time we have night at country B.
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As I watch Youtube videos regarding this matter there are lots of people presenting their studies and proving their beliefs, both sides have their own flaws that are the reason why no one is winning. I'm very excited to know which side is telling the truth.

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The earth cannot and will never be flat, round or circle. The earth is a sphere and have posted several proofs to show that the earth is a sphere on this site. The question was closely related to this one. One and the major reason is, the earth's horizon. If the earth was flat, could it be possible to see the earth's horizon?? Never possible at all. This proves that the earth is spherical in nature. Another proof is circumnavigation. You can go the whole world but you'll come back to the same same place otherwise you'll have landed in another place.

Many people still believe that the earth is flat and coming up with some proofs.This isn't real and I won't believe any of those proofs because the one's I have am already satisfied that the earth is a sphere.
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The earth is spherical. There are many proofs to support that. Human beings have mounted satellites in space and from this we can see the earth and activities in space. You see the different times zones and day and night? This is because the earth is a sphere that revolves round the sun. The parts that receive the rays at a time experience light while the parts behind yet to receive the rays experience darkness. This is the logic behind day and night. If the earth was flat, the entire world would receive rays and experience daylight at the same time. This is just one of many. It is funny how others come up with baseless argument on the Shape and orientation of the earth.
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As of now, that question is still in the process of studying and collecting evidence of what is the true shape and what is the true structure of the earth, and whether it is round or flat. But as I go deep with my research, there are many things that provide us pieces of evidence that the earth is really not round but also not flat. As I read and looked at those pieces of evidence I'm having this image that earth is like a cup of a bowl or just imagine a half basketball, it is only flat on the top. I also tried to read bible and research about what it tells regarding the true structure and surface of the earth, and you can see that it is not said in the bible that earth is completely round.

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