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Not all cholesterol are bad. There are good ones and bad ones. Stick to the good ones that your body needs for healthy living and sustenance. 
It is not all cholesterol that are bad. There are those cholesterol that are good. When it comes to cholesterol we two types: the bad and good. The good cholesterol are good for one's health, and they called High Density Lipoprotein(LDL) while the bad cholesterol are harmful to body system and they are called Low Density Lipoprotein(LDL)

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Not all cholesterol are "bad". There are these so-called "good" cholesterol or the high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. Basically, HDL particles are denser compared other types of cholesterol; hence the term high-density.

Experts believe that high levels of HDL can reduce risk of heart disease by picking up excess cholesterol in your blood, and taking it back to the liver where it is broken down and removed from your body. Several interventions that tend to increase the levels of HDL include regular exercise (often a 60-minute moderate intensity aerobics) and proper diet. Avoid foods that are rich in trans fat such as cakes, cookies, and fried foods that tend to increase the level of bad cholesterol or the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol.
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There are good and bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol is call LDL or what is called Low Density Lipoprotein. Once there is a buildup it can clog in the arteries and we will have problems in easy blood flowing. If the blood cannot flow easily, then it cannot transfer nutrients we get from food and vitamins we intake. It can even be cause of problems in having low oxygen in the body. On the other hand, there is a good cholesterol called HDL, or high Density Lipoprotein. This acts as a push to the cholesterol or LDL to be pushed away from the body to clean the clog in our artery. LDL can cause stroke, brain blockage, chest pain, or even heart attack. We should lover eating foods that has high in cholesterol. We should eat food that creates HDL because it can creates hormones, vitamin D, and digestive fluid that could make our body to function the right way.
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Yes and no. Yes, because we have good cholesterol that are good for the body. No, because we have bad cholesterol that is not good for health. As you can see we have two types of cholesterol, the bad cholesterol; LDH(low density lipoprotein) and the good cholesterol; HDL(high density lipoprotein).

The thing is bad cholesterol actually gives the good one bad reputation to the point that the only thing most us remember about cholesterol generally is bad. Some of the harm the bad cholesterol cause to human health are the cloging of the arteries called atherosclerosis which could further lead to stroke, and if not properly managed death.
Furthermore, the good cholesterol is so good that we can't do without it because they are essential for growth as they are major precursors to the synthesis of proteins.

Finally, it's not all cholesterol that is bad to human health, hence I urge you all to eat foods that are rich in cholesterol but with limits.
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No, Cholesterol isn't really bad for the body,we all really need some amount of cholesterol in our body.I think a lot of things with bad effects can still be used by our body but the watchword should be moderation.

The  body always need Cholesterol no matter how small it can be  because the body utilizes small amount of cholesterol to build up our body's cell membrane,help to produce vitamin D which the body really needs,aids metabolism to speed up efficiently for easy digestion and help to produce hormones like estrogen,adrenal hormones and even testosterone that are really good for the body.

It has also be confirmed by experts that it help in the formation of our memories which I believe it is the height of its importance. So cholesterol is not totally bad.
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There are good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. We need small amount of blood cholesterol because the body uses it to the build the structure of cell membrane. Cholesterol essential for your body to produce Vitamin D. 
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Your body needs cholesterol to build healthy cells but high level of cholesterol can increase your heart disease. With high cholesterol, you can develop fatty deposits in your blood vessels.
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Our body needs cholesterol to build healthy cells, but high levels of cholesterol can increase our risk of heart disease. With high cholesterol, we can develop fatty deposits in our blood vessels.
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Healthy and unhealthy cholesterol both are there . Now, it's on us what we choose .  It is HDL (high-density lipid protein) and LDL(low-density lipid protein).
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Bad cholesterol is not good to our body. It can be associated with health conditions that we need to refrain from, such as heart ailments, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, etc.
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