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In summary, there is a guy who tends to glance and look at me a lot which I often notice out of the corner of my eye, with a sort of serious expression. However, when we have to talk he acts bored, irritated, as if he dislikes me, and cold in subtle ways. Not really flirty, playful teasing but more of a slight rudeness. It's hard to say how he does it when we talk to eachother. He's nicer to everyone else but is very cold and serious towards me. Also as if he feels the need to shorten the conversation. I don't understand why someone who hates you would bother often looking at you? I've had other guys look at me and I've been told I generally have a nice appearance. I'm quiet and reserved so I'm not really the type to make people hate me that much. I get told I attract guys but being quiet and reserved I don't really notice. I feel strangely uncomfortable in confronting him. I think he looks attractive but I don't like him... Ive never experienced this before and it just feels odd. Have you guys acted like this towards a girl before? Why?
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It is a reverse psychology. He acts as irritated for you to feel that he really don't like you but the truth is, he likes you but he is just shy at you.
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I will speak from a guy perspective. I think he is into you it just that maybe he trying to conceal his feelings from you. Or does not really know how to put it out to you that he likes you. I will suggest maybe he is trying to play serious mind games with you which you're not use to. I think it all about who wants it the most. If you are so bothered about his behavior towards you why not confront him about it and see what would be his response.
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May be there is something deep in his mind. You have to probe his mind and try to talk to him.
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One thing for sure is that he's definitely interested in you. Whether it is to irritate or he's into you. If he's into you, then his ego is trying to mask his feelings. A way to lure your interest as to know why and I think he is achieving that.
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Stay away from this type of people because in real relationship they will do the same even if they love you inside.
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I think this is the case.Some people works with reverse psychology.Act as if you don't care when he or she cares alot.ignore the person and see how it goes
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He may just be the shy type of person that doesn't have the confidence to express themselves. 

If you like him that much, approach him and talk to him. 

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That's very weird but it happens.From my side, I think he's just attracted to you but he's trying to cover it up with his weird behavior. The best option is to let him be and don't show any concern. Maybe he's just trying to figure out a way on how he should start telling you about his feelings for you. On the other hand, there are these kind of people who like starring at things but there minds are in another world. He's probably thinking about something else whenever you find him gazing at you.

Another reason could be, maybe you are always doing some unimaginable things or he's heard some stories about you and can't believe. So every time he gazes at you,he's still shocked, how. I think the best way out is mind your own business ad let him be. If he's interested in you he'll approach but at the moment let him be.
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Yes,acting as if one doesn't even notice it,is the best.just blank him and act ignorant he or she will come around alone.

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