How to kiss a girlfriend to arouse sex feelings
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Kiss is not normal. Give your kiss to your girlfriend and soon to be wife, do not kiss anybody because you want it. Just kiss here as long as she also love it to kiss you back and of course if you have a plan to sex her make sure the result after, do not run if your girlfriend got pregnant. do not enjoy it like a game, just be serious for her.

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Scientifically speaking, it has been evident that certain parts of a female body have bundles of nerves that can be stimulated for arousal. These parts essentially include neck, upper back and around the neck areas, inner thighs, and female intimate organ. However, if you wish to arouse a female just by kissing on her lips, the good news is that lips also do comprise of nerve bundles which can stimulated. All you have to do is try kissing passionately and prolong your kiss without cutting physical contact with her, to an extent when she could totally start indulging and enjoying it. Obviously, she must love you or have an interest in you physically to reach such extreme. Good luck!
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For kissing is way leads to having sex, before you can kiss someone you have to make sure you and that person have feelings for sure that way you would enjoy it and what is to come after
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