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Guardian angels are as real as you are. They are celestial creations of God from light. Everyone has a guardian angel and having one is not restricted to faith. Having a soul is the qualification for a guardian angel which I know everyone does.

Unlike other angels, guardian angels are exclusively for a single individual right from birth. They are there to guide and protect us. A single person can have up to ten guardian angels and they are said to be in succession. Before us, beside us and after us. These angels stick with us until death.

The angels can see everything within us. They protect us from evil that we can't see Just like we cannot see them. We are special like that.
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Just trying to come up with a way to answer if guardian angels are true...okay, let's put it this way.
Angels are creatures most commonly associated with religion so am going to answer from a stand point of religion, Islam.
If we are to go by religion like I stated above, then yes, angels do really exist and are part of us even though we don't get to see them. There's a verse in the Quran which points God to saying that human should believe in the existence of angels, angels like the angels of death and his assistants. The Quran also makes us believe that angels are not just invisible creatures roaming about the world, angels are in fact divine creatures with designated task and roles which they perform individually. We hsve angels who are in charge of the rain, death, messengers and so many more.
Asides all said about Islam and angels, Christianity also happens to believe in the existence of angels and the different roles they play in the world. Take for instance Angel Gabriel who appeared to marry right before she conceived Jesus Christ. They are so many citations of such in the bible too. So yes, Angels do exist.
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When I was young, my mom used to tell us that God is the one who protects people. When I grew up and whenever she prayed, she used to say, 'God send your angels to guide us throughout this night'. I hence believe guardian angels are real and its an order from God that they protect us. That's why, most of the times there's a certain voice that speaks inside you and tells you don't do this and this simply because its not right. Most people believe that guardian angels only come at night when we are sleeping, I bet no, they are always there to protect us from earthly evils.

What I fail to understand is that, is holyspirit se as the guardian angels?
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I want to be believe it is true that there are guardian angels protecting and guarding us daily.if there are evil spirit tormenting people then why would there be good angels as well protecting us to keep harms far away from us.

I know I have been saved severally from harms by my guardian angels,whether we call it angels or just an intrusion but I want to believe that my guardian angels are always there to speak to me and help me avert disasters.

The bible says that God will always sent his angels to guard and protect us from all dangers and if we just believed that it is so,then it is done.So I just believe and I know it is so for me.
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Oh yes! I know some might think that it's a lie that there are no guarding angels but the trust is they are for real. They are invisible heavenly creatures sent by God to have charge over us in all we do here on earth.

Although you can't see their handy works perhaps due to their invisibility but they are the protective forces keeping you and I from harm. The bible said I will send you an angel to take charge over you so that you don't strike your foot against the stone(self modified).

You can be rest assured that it is the activities of these angels that's why you and I have not yet been consumed by the ruler of dark forces(Satan) and his cohorts(demons). If not for the protection offered by these angels, we would have been dead by now.
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Guardian  Angels are true. It was written in the bible and many people testify that they experienced the help of their Guardian Angel. They protect us from harm that might happened to us. The roles of Guardian Angels is not only  limited to protecting us but also they deliver, guide and reveal information and carry out God's answer to our prayer as well as help God's children at the time of death in carrying to heaven. There were different situation happened in my life that  I experience my Guardian Angel helped. One of which was when experienced financial problem. I just called my Guardian Angels asking his help to find me money to borrow from someone . Half an hour, unexpected cousin of my husband arrived and gave not lend us money. Even my children, I kept on reminding them that everything they do, whether they are in school or any places that disaster  or calamity might happened, they will pray to God and seek help and protection of their Guardian Angles.
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In the bible, it stated that there are angels. Angels are there because God wants them to look around with people. I do believe in angels. I mean the serious ones, not the type that you bribe them with your children. Ever since I was young, I feel someone is watching over me. I met a lot of accidents and I survived it, even a hold up incidents when a man was holding a gun and pointing at me. I even survived a big flood. I don't know how to swim but I do believe that there is someone holding me with my dress and helped me to survive not being drown. I do believe there is angels that are protecting everyone, especially children because they cannot go on their own alone. Angels are there to comfort us. Even when my dad died, i know there is an angel that is comforting me and letting me calm down.
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I have read some fascinating stories about guardian angels so I think it is entirely possible but what about the people who die in accidents or other horrific circumstances, where was their guardian angel?

I have heard that angels walk among us and look like normal people although one story I remember reading was about a little girl who fell out of her bedroom window with very few injuries. She told her mother that a lady caught her just as she was about to hit the ground. She would have fallen on a tree stump and probably been killed if she had landed on it. Her mother looked about but there was no one around.

I think I would love to be a guardian angel and be able to help earthly people. Imagine all the good you could do saving people from harm.
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Angels do exist and in the past the Bible says the angels would even intermarry with human beings and God saw that not to be right and He restricted that. Guardian Angels do exist and they serve to protect us. 
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