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Basic computer course is the one where you will get knowledge on programming aspects. Specifically basic computer algorithms. Computer language is not important in itself. Modern common languages allow to write programs nearly of all kinds even if some of them to some stuff quicker.
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A basic computer course is a training program that teaches fundamental computer skills, such as using an operating system, working with files and folders, browsing the web, and creating and editing documents. It may also cover topics like cybersecurity and online safety. Basic computer courses may be offered by schools, community centers, and other organizations, and may be taught in a classroom or online. They are typically designed for individuals who are new to computers or want to improve their basic computer skills.
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A basic computer course is a step-by-step process of learning and teaching computer skills and practical applications, such as the use of different software programs and operating systems. It typically covers topics like computer types, hardware systems, computer applications, and more.
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