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Live as I can, and travel around the world, maybe I could meet someone out there.

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I hope that will never happen. Life will be very boring with no company. I think what I'll do is just isn't much rather than finding something for my stomach and shelter. The only problem is that, feelings of loneliness and unimaginable things like ghosts will start haunting me. But then if am give all the luxurious things like TV and the rest, I don't think I'll be so much bored. Most of my time I'll be watching movies, when I get tired I sleep or cook. I'll be doing things till the day ends.

Also, I'll take advantage of that to tour the whole world since it will be easy since there are no checkups or providing visa. I think it will be the best opportunity to know how the world looks like.
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I'm curious about "who" will fly you all around the world. Unless you are a pilot, that won't be possible since you are all alone.
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It wouldn't be easy for me at all because I love company and interaction with others as well.So remaining alone will be very lonely for me.But all the same if I'm left alone on earth here I will make the best use of the opportunity.

Will keep everywhere clean because I hate filth,tend to all the natural resources we have in stock and even plant more if it really possible.

Try my hands on inventions that will keep the world going in peace and maybe damage all inventions that have been detrimental to human's  health.

I will continue to uphold whatever was making life beautiful and hope that good people will emanate from nowhere to dwell with me but if not life continues.
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Since it's just an imaginary thing which apparently would never play out, I guess would have to switch to my adaptative mechanism of a hermit.

I will find a more self-reliant activities to partake in like farming so that I will be able to have food to eat without necessarily depending on anyone since there won't be one around.

It will also serve as an opportunity for me to draw closer to my maker because at such moments you won't be distracted by the cares of this world.

I will become more spiritual since there won't be a thing like rat race or trying to compete or make an ends meet since there won't be family members around.

Throughout my days on earth it would soley be observing of moments of solitude with deep devotion and connection to God.
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Firstly, I will accept the truth that I am the only person left on this earth. Secondly, Instead of whining, crying and stressing myself, I will continue my life and I will keep on moving and live. I will not waste my precious life and commit suicide. Since I am the only person that's left, I will not waste the opportunity to learn everything and anything that I am not able to learn when there are still people living in this world. I will not hesitate to do all the stuff that I want to do. I will drive and go anywhere I want. I will play, sleep and eat how much I want. I will enjoy myself and all the things that were left in this world while learning new things. I will do my best to keep on living until the time has come for me to say goodbye.
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I can't even begin to draw a mental picture of me all alone in the world. What will it feel like? One thing is for sure, It won't be pleasant.

Drawing from human psychology and the behavioral pattern shown by different people who have experienced something similar to being all alone in the world, am talking about imprisoned criminals locked up in isolation or solitary confinement, records have show an intensive change in the structure of their brains resulting to psychological damage and distress. They suffered from first degree depression, allow me put it that way, delusions and other deteriorating mental states.

Take the above for cases instance, these are people who were left alone for only a couple of months. These people still had hope, knowing they weren't alone in the world. Now, imagine you all alone in the world, with no hope of coming across any human ever.

Hence, it is only right to say that prolonge isolation will likely damage the cerebral cortex - which is the part of the brain that makes us most human. I bet suicide will be the most constant thought and possible line of action if I was left all alone in the world.
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It is easier to say what I'll do than in practical sense. I know for sure that I will be completely freaked out at first when I realize that I'm the last person on earth. This means that the past generations have vanished and there'd be no future progeny. My death would be the end of mankind.

It would not even be the fear of being alone. I've always enjoyed my solitude and what larger stage to do that. It would be the fear of uncertainty. I may eventually go crazy wrapped up in my thoughts because no matter how hard I try to engage myself, I will always stop to "think" about the use of everything I'm doing. It will be a facade that will eventually be vanity.
I guess for a moment, I will do everything liberating that I've always been skeptical about.

Then I will prepare myself mentally and emotionally for the passing because I know I won't be alive forever. In that event, I'll leave notes or more like a detailed documention of my life, life as it was and everything I've discovered. Just in case somehow there will be successors.
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In as much as I'm the type of person who loves to stay alone, living all alone in the whole world is a whole new level of being alone. There is no way of getting to feel an atom of happiness in such situations. Let me take you back to the religious lesson of creation of man for those that are Christians would understand immediately where I'm heading to.

When God created everything in the world which was documented in the book of Genesis in the holy Bible, after creating man and showing him everything in the world with the dominion over all of them being given to man, he still wasn't happy. God found out about man's sadness as a result of his feeling lonely and God made him to fall into a deep sleep and took one of his ribs to create woman for him to keep him company. So having company would make one happy and as a result of that, I would never like to be the last or only person on earth, it's better all of us pass away at once.
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In reality I don't think this will ever happen for only one person to remain on earth but in an imaginary way. I will have to engage in different activities like farming, mining , fishing,  that is if all plants and animals are available I have the faciities to engage in different activities.

I will also dedicate more time to continually pray to God to either my life so that the earth will be empty or create more living soul to make existence meaningful,  I will also try to rest as much as possible to while a way time.
If there are cars and other moving facilities I will keep travelling from one place to another to engage on activies I had mentioned in paragraph one but honestly in a reality life is gonna be super boring and meaningless.
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Haaa its never a circumstance that I've ever wished to find my self. However if it occurs I think there are enough things to do and in the first place, my comfort will actually depend why it happened that way. So, assuming I'm fine and without guilt and sort of. I'll first get enough food to take good care of my stomach and of course there are enough houses already except if the question implies that nothing is found on the earth.
Thus, if nothing is on the earth except me. Then after finding means to first fill my stomach, next is to carve a shelter to find where to be stating. Of course I won't be needing cloths because its just me.

But on the other side, incase the house are already available as it is right now. I'll just be walking on around since i detest hiddleness and I'll sleep in anyhow and cook anything I wish to eat.

Whichever way, staying alone will still later get boring since nobody to talk to. I will think about inventing something to stand as pertner and always stay by my side while we move and do everything together.

I won't stop at that, I'll keep inventing and making the environment I'm at anytime most adored and conducive.

Also, I'll use the available means of transportation to sail around everywhere perhaps anyone or thing can be found somewhere.
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If there's a technology to call alien, I would ask them to visit me as a guests and make some party. I can also befriend with plants, with animals, so my everyday life doesn't feel boring. 
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