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I'm and 18 year old student who has partially finished education. I have finished his class now, but he used to be more harsh towards me in a slight way. Once he hinted at a girl doing better at a presentation than me in a condescending subtle way. He always comes off as snobby and mean. Most teachers know im nervous and shy. When he has to sit next to me to discuss things he keeps his distance in terms of body language and tries to sit far which he doesn't do with the others. Which makes me feel pretty irritated and awkward.

For some reason he's a little more cold towards me than the others. When I'm forced to have him he acts as if he doesn't really want me there in comparison to the others who he's really relaxed and nice around. I'm not really considered a troublesome kid. I keep to myself a lot and don't talk much. I may not be the most clever, but im not the worst in terms of my grades or behaviour and  none of the other teachers dislike me much. 

 Outside of lesson, he looks/glances at me a lot. Not sure if he's being a douche for no good reason or if it's a look of general concern (which would be understandable).  If he really disliked me he would completely ignore me outside of lesson. One time I was eating lunch with my friend and he looked at me when walking past. One time I walked past him in the lunch hall, he looked at me again. It sort of irks me a little. Always glances at me? Being a man I'm not sure if it's because he thinks I'm somewhat pretty but I don't dress outlandish or unique. I get called pretty by some guys in the school but that's sort of irrelevant. Or he knows I dislike him back. 

Him being my teacher, I do not want to ask why he looks at me outside of class. I've left now. Its just he gives me a bad "feeling." I would just like any thoughts on this? Thanks. 
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If you are having feelings that your teacher is attracted to you, I will tell you plainly that such thing is unethical of him as a teacher and that it is out of place for him to be doing that.

But if you are the one making insinuation of him finding you attractive to him due to mere glances from him, I will suggest you get yourself out of that self-delutional state.

There shouldn't be anything romantic or love affairs between you and your teacher. And whichever way he is treating you within the class and outside the classroom shouldn't be a thing suggestive of affection towards you.

If it is I will kindly advise you report him to the school authority before it gets out of hand. To be forewarned is to be foreharmed.
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Your comment is really helpful to me. Once My kid also experienced the same situation. Thanks for your comments. 
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This sounds a bit weird and I wonder what goes through your teacher's head whenever he has the opportunity of meeting you, I can understand your concern here.

Well,I can just hinge this on dislike by your teacher Maybe he never really liked you as a person but just your personally. We should always know that not everyone will ever liked us and if we come in contact with such people even as student teacher relationship, we should just shrugged it off and take such countenance in our strides.

I wish you were one day bold enough to confront him with this issue to find out what's on his mind.Well,I will advised you let this go and focus more on positive things that will uplift you.
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The most probable reason could be, he's attracted to you but doesn't want everyone to know that's why he's acting weirdly. Even if you're saying that you're you're just simple, there are certain men you like simplicity. If he wasn't attracted to you, the why does he stalk you even after school? Things he does inside the school just shows you that he gives you some respect.
The best thing to do is just mind your own thing. This isn't a big deal to stress you up.Just don't show him anything whether you care or not. The moment you'll start showing some concern, I think he'll take advantage of that situation to ask for frienship assuming thats what he want which maybe you're not interested about.
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I feel sorry for you, you don't deserve to be treated like that and to have that uncomfortable feeling. It is really hard to know what is happening to your teacher's head. He is cold towards you but nice to others, and what's more, he always looked at you. I could say that as a man, maybe he is attracted to you or even more he likes you, but as your teacher maybe he really stopping himself and restraining himself to fell in love with you completely that is why he's acting cold to you, for he knows that it is not allowed for a teacher to be fell in love with a student. He looked at you a lot simply because he really likes you and that is the only thing he can do since he cannot love you.
All I can say is just stop thinking and stressing yourself with. you should just look him only as your mere teacher nothing more and nothing else. Just focus on your studies, it really doesn't matter what he thinks of you, what's important is your doing your best in your studies and that is all good.
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Well, in my own candid opinion, he actually likes you and might be holding onto certain desires which might be thoughtfully difficult. Aftral you are not the only student in that school and equally not the most pretty lady, and even if you're. Its not enough reason to keep looking at you.

Though, as a smart lady who have observed him keenly to this rate or extent must be aware of the kind if thought in such teacher's mind. But since ladies don't believe in death until the see blood. I trust you won't admit to understand or interpret such gestures. To the extend that, he always wish you do better than every other ladies around.

However, the kind of likeness might not be for evil or dirty thought. Surely he might have met someone you actually looks like or shares certain qualities with. Which he might have transfered such likeness to you.

Finally, he likes you and such must not be encouraged, except you also share similar interest.
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I don't really think that the teacher that you are talking about is having any hatred on you unless there is something that you are not telling us. One thing that I have noticed about this is  that as a student you should always try to do well in every subject that you are offering especially when you were pass the stage of doing both science and art subjects. So, always try to love his subjects and do everything that you can to ensure that you read his notes, textbooks, and through the assignments that is necessary to give you better marks in the exams.

By so doing, this particular teacher will understand that you are really focused on doing well in the exams and about his subjects in general. Also, I don't agree with you that you should be having any feelings for your teacher as this is wrong and going to affect you in the future.
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It gives me a mixed feeling reading your story. I thought he is somewhat hate you, because there are really people  who hate people and they don't know the reason why. I remember a professor before when I was in college and I remember him because of your story. He is not looking at me like I am somewhat pretty but he hates me, I know he just hate me and don't want to see me but he can't do about it because I am in his class. On the second or the last paragraph, it made me think that he likes you and he can't tell it because it is awkward. From your story it seems he is checking out on you and your instinct tells you there is something weird that is happening. You don't have to feel awkward. As a student you just need to prioritize your study and I hope this professor of yours will not do you harm. I just hope you stop feeling that way or you can talk to your professor.
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Allow me to be honest and open with you. Sometimes as students, we may write too much in what we see around us, and that can be detrimental sometimes. before you start assuming things, think first before you do or say something that you will live to regret. For me, i think your teacher is just being a little concerned about you. It's not that he has an interest in you, am sure that would come as a shocker to you, he may have seen some potential in you and he is just finding a way of bringing it out. I guess him being a little aloof with you than other students, could be because  he does not want to make you uncomfortable or scared. you need to be a little open minded and don't be too shy, you could be missing out on something big thinking of stuff that is not likely to even happen. That is the mind of a teacher, theirs is to watch, analyze and learn their students minds. So don't be afraid watch and learn also.
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I read carefully your query, I understand and I never can't to deny what are you feeling but just want to say, Be patient and be positive.
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If the teacher has own kids, he is for sure conserned about you and probably only wants you to feel good. when in school.

If you feel creeped out with him, you should try to be careful and maybe talk with your friends or parents about it to feel more secure.
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