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I have seen some social media posts stating that energy drinks contain bull sperm. Is it true? What are the real ingredients in those drinks? Is it good or harmful to health?

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The main ingredient in those energy drinks that makes them an 'energy drink' is an organic substance called Taurine. It is named after the Latin word Taurus which means  bull. This ingredient helps energy drinks to give an energy boosted feel to whoever consumes it. In earlier times Taurine was extracted from bull semen. But it's a costly process. Energy drinks brands never go for that option as it is not feasible. So these companies will go for another sources such as meat, fish etc to make Taurine synthetically in their labs. Taurine is also present in human intestine, body tissues and even in breast milk.
So don't worry about that semen part in your favourite drinks.
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Taurine is the key ingredient in energy drinks and it is not extracted from bull semen even if it is possible. It may be because of the commercial profits part.

I would like to say a few words about Taurine as a student and a researcher on these kinds of subjects. Taurine is not an amino acid as many articles say. But it is an organic molecule present in animal tissues. Consumption of it may give you an instantaneous adrenalin pumping effect. It has also positive effects on nervous system and brain which will reduce anxiety. Taurine has good effects on the immune system too. But the dangerous part is when people use alcohol together with some energy drinks, the Taurine contains in it may lead to potential risks. Taurine also has a sedative after effect.
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No energy drink company will extract bull sperm to add to their drinks. One of the major ingredients in an energy drink is Taurine. This Ingredient is produced organically in labs and sold to drink manufactures. You can rest assured that the FDA won't allow energy drink manufacturers to physically extract sperm from a bull to add to their drink.

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