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A static web design is a design that is built using HTML code and features the same presentation and content, regardless of user identity or other factors. It is easier to code and assemble than dynamic web design, which may feature customizable content according to a user's identity or other factors.

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Websites have normally two types, static and dynamic.

Static Websites: It is a simple website which is only designed for one time. The business owner not able to update the posts or images in future.

Dynamic Websites: Dynamic website is perfect for those who want to keep update their website frequently. Eg: E-commerce websites, Portal Websites, News & Magazine Websites
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Static and Dynamic website is not web designing but is web development.

Static website is usually created using html language, css, javascript etc and Dynamic website is created using ASP, PHP, JSP apart from css, javascript. In dynamic website, separate file for each page does not exist and pages are created dynamically as per user need by means of executing asp/php/jsp coding.

For designing and developing static or dynamic website, professional assistance is needed to get fully functional website and you can get same from as skills is more important than knowledge to get same.
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Static websites do not use a database. Even, it may not make use of backends languages such as PHP, ASP, among others.

These do not allow the user to interact with the site to add content as wordpress allows, simply all the information it contains is already written in the HTML.

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