Do's and Don't when eating one meal a day
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While eating One meal a day, you must be sure to do it right and you must be fit for it. Do not undertake such If you have an underlying health condition like ulcer.
If you must eat one meal a day, you must make sure that you are having a very balanced diet. A proportion that gives you the most needed calories at once. You can see a nunutritionist who would give you a good combination plan of different nutrients. Make healthy choices.

Water is your friend, you would need to stay hydrated all day. Stay away from sugary drinks. They can only obstruct digestion and increase your chance of developing health conditions. You can switch snacks with fruits at different hours of the day since you are bound to feel hungry.

Add a healthy dose of exercise too and get yourself busy and occupied. It distracts you from the food you see around you.
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Eating one meal a day is a very good way of losing weight gradually and in a healthy way works better if we stick to the routine and also be consistent with it.

The Dos here entails eating quality and high nutritious food within ones eating window.

Eat more of a balanced diet and stay hydrated all day.

 Add a good workout routine to this diet for more desirable result.

But don't take too much of junks

Don't indulge in OMAD if you have a medical condition, consult your Doctor first.

Don't continue if you feel sick with the diet

Don't be afraid to continue even it the scale hasn't moved a bit or your clothes are still tight on you,just continue with it.
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The problem of skipping meals is evident in the health of such individual. I don't see the reason why one should not eat three square meals as recommended by professional nutritionists. Although there rare do's of eating one meal per day but the don'ts completely outweighs it.

Some of the do's could be that the individual is fasting and in such scenario he/she must have to observe the fasting until it's breaking time for it. Another could be as a result of lack of food to eat at a particular time of the day. Some other reasons could be due to trying to lose weight. Some people believe by the time they eat once a day they could lose weight and this is a fallacy because you can't lose weight by starving yourself instead you'll lack important nutrients that help promote good health.

The don'ts are most people are aware of the benefits of eating three square meals a day. You will notice that people that don't obey this rules of one meal per day are more healthier, fresher and good looking than those that do obey the rules.
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There are some that I remember when eating food. In our present life, mobile phones are biggest distraction so make sure you are not using your phone while you are eating. You can put it beside you or just make sure you are not using it. When you are eating food, chew it seriously. There are people who are eating as fast as 5 minutes. You need to savor the food. A food is a blessing so savor every food intake you have. Third, do not stand immediately or make a lot of move after eating, it is because once the food enters your body, it starts the digestion. If you move a lot, it will be a distraction. You can stand or sit for the mean time to make the digestion process after. Drink warm water not cold water. Drink tap water after an hour because it can help with digestion.
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Eating one meal a day resembles the intermittent fasting that most people nowadays tend to engage into. Hence, one benefit of doing this on a regular basis would be weight loss. Other than this, I cannot think of anything else that would prove that this eating habit is advantageous.

Now going to the "don'ts", I think this is not entirely different to a person experiencing hunger. Remember that when you eat once a day, assuming you are going to eat for just an hour, then you will spend the rest of the day drinking only fluids. I don't think a person can eat a single meal that can suffice for the calorie requirement per day, especially when you have an active lifestyle. Hence, as a hungry person, eating once a day may make you feel irritated, grumpy, and will make you lose your focus and concentration.
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