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How can I get Visa for Europe for longer term? If it is work permit or Working Visa it is better. How many countries are there in total in Europe? What if I want to travel to each country in Europe in my first time there, will it compel/consider European authorities/consulates to allow me Schengen visa for 6 months to an year or more?

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The first step is to determine what you REALLY want to do in Europe. It is hard to any border authority believe that someone will be a "tourist" for longer than 6 months, especially in Europe, where things are INCREDIBLY expensive. When you enter Europe they might ask for you to show that you have a determined amount of money that way they will have a guarantee that you will not depend on the their money to survive and even leave the country. If you want to work or even study the story will be different, however you wil also have to show that you have enough money to stay there. And I am certain they do not go making your tourism visa longer than 6 months for any reason like "hey I just want to explore Europe more". I am sure they will have an iffy feeling about it and chances are you will have it denied.
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I know and understand. 6 months visa would be enough as a tourist. But, I would love to get Business/Work Visa. I have started my business here in India, I will love to extend it in Europe.

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