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How can Society and Politicians be punished, when they commit crimes together by being each others support/partners in crime, against someone/anyone? Especially, if they are from any region/area/country/continent, where even laws are not implemented against hi-profile and rich people/politicians/criminals/celebrities etc.   

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That's a tough question, but a very relevant one for my country right now. In the past few years, Brasil has witnessed the reveal of massive, country-wide (and even international) scandals and corruption schemes across the whole political class. All this and more has resulted in a political crisis we still can't seem to wrap our heads around. Some have become apathetic to politics. Some have turned to radical ideologies, entirely giving up on democracy. A few people genuinely dream of a new military coup like the one in 1964 to "restore order".

I don't have a good answer myself. To be honest, I'm in the apathetic group, but I'm aware that change won't happen if people don't rise to the occasion and demand changes, transparency, and accountability. Democracy tries to put power in the hands of the people, but they need to actually use it.

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Politicians can be published every 4-5 years when there is election. If people do not like the politicians they will not vote for him and he will lose elections. This is the only way people can punish the bad politicians. Another way to publish bad politicians is by filing a case in the court.
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The only way that politicians can be punished alongside other offenders is when they stop being treated like they are special citizens above the law. They are usually in the position of money and power so they feel like they can bend the rules.
It is also the duty of the citizens to elect people who are honest and upright. We must not sell our votes for immediate gains. When straight forward people come into power, the rule of law becomes free and fair.
The people have so much power that they do not know about. It is their right choose their leaders and they owe it to themselves to make the right choice. This directly reflects on the economy.

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