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Cool question!

I think that this is something that will not evolve much, as criptocoins are not regulated and right now serve to cover shady stuff, like to help people do money laundering or even to finance crime.

I do believe that it will not evolve much before it is regulated by the government. In many countries all over the world this kind of currency is becoming a problem, especially when we thing about drug dealers, corruption, and money laundering.
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answered by LEGEND (7,160 points) 4 14 34
When more and more governments start to outlaw the use of cryptocurrency in their countries it will make it harder and harder for this form of currency to survive. Unless each government can step in and regulate this currency in their own country, then I see a major issue and many problems coming in the next year or so. 

It is hard for me to invest in a market that is controlled and governed by the people who created it. They have made their own rules and regulations on how this should work. There are no checkpoints, controls, or even regulations setup in this market. That makes it a risky market from the start. However, people who are tired of being taxed, losing all their money in the stock market or other investments see this as the perfect opportunity to earn money quickly.

I also fee that too many shady businesses use this form of currency to laundry money or hid funds that can't be touched by anyone. If a person had a large business and was wealthy had to get a divorce, I can see how this market would benefit them greatly. They could pour tons of money into this market that nobody could touch. In the end, the wife wouldn't get much from the husband in the divorce because his money was tied up in an electronic currency that is not regulated.

I think this is a great idea if they could make it easier to spend this currency, withdraw it for cash, or use it to pay your bills. Once this happens there is a good possibility that I might look into investing in this currency. Until this happens I just sit back and watch what is happening in this market. 

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