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Well to buy Ritalin Online seems a good option to me but i heard people saying this is not right, but why?
and is Ritalin effective?

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Ritalin is effective as long as the patient taking it uses it as prescribed by his/her doctor. It won't be effective if a patient doesn't take it.

Now, as for buying it online: Ritalin is a prescription drug only. Only a doctor can prescribe and, therefore, it won't be found online. It is illegal to sell prescription drugs online. Buying a prescription drug is not going to be the actual true drug. It will be a knock off drug and you would be wasting your money buying it.
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answered by LEGEND (5,826 points) 4 11 25
The only time you should buy any medication is when a doctor prescribes this for you. When a person has ADHD a doctor needs to monitor this person and the medications they take. Buying drugs online and self-medicating yourself or your child isn't wise and could cause a lot of other medical problems in the end. If anyone you know has ADHD it is best to go to the doctor where they will take a blood test to determine what medications are best suited for this illness. Furthermore, companies who sell this online aren't authorized to do so. There are some online pharmacies that people can upload their prescriptions to and have them delivered to their home. If you order from one of these with a prescription, then you should be fine.

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