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Hi @bluish01. I think I can answer what litecoin is, with a very minimal idea in my mind. Litecoin is a cryptocurrency.
I am just earning litecoins thru faucet. So I can say that with this coins, you can get so much litecoins even from a faucet.  Very unlikely when you get bitcoins from a faucet, you only get one or two satoshies. By the way, the unit for litecoin is litoshi, isnt it cute? 1 Litoshi is equals to 0.00000001 litecoin.

And the ticker symbol for it is LTC. How I wish the rate of this coin will go up in the future just like bitcoin. The current rate of litecoin to USD is 57 US dollars. if I earn 1 LTC, I could have earned around 3, 000 Philippine Pesos. This is not bad right. But from a faucet, how many months do I need to work to earn 1 litecoin? Probably months?
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litecoin is one of the digital decentralized  Crypto currenies that is been traded in the cryptography currency market today, it was launched in the late 2011. It is currently $25.40 in the crypto currency market.
Based on my research there are 84millions of litecoin that be mine and traded but currently the number of litecoins already in existence are 59.8 millions for financial obligations,  the remaining ones are yet to be in circulation.
litecoin has lots of wallet that you can use to store it, they include coinomi,  Abra,  coinpot, Trezor, litecoin core,  exodus, loafwallet etc.
There are also faucets available to claim litecoin from easily examples of the easiest faucets to claim lite coin is the moon lite faucets.
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