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I prefer Bitcoin to litecoin because Bitcoin is well known and most used and it more valuable and  worth more than litecoin.

Most people like me like to turn litecoin to Bitcoin and stored because in the long run Bitcoin might increase in value triple times but this is hardly so with litecoin.

It always difficult to exchange litecoin with a third party exchangers for local currency, I know this because most always want Bitcoin. With Bitcoin it very easy to exchange and do business with.

One can easily buy items with Bitcoin. I once read that a car company was accepting Bitcoin as payment. So Bitcoin is more recognized as a digital money than any other cyptocurrencies that we have now litecoin inclusive.
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Oh I see, you got a point there. Bitcoin is more widely used. yesterday, I was eager to earn dogecoins from faucet hehehe. I just forgot to invest in bitcoins. 
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I prefer bitcoin to litecoin because bitcoin is the most famous cryto currency in the World today,  it determines the value of all other coins which litecoin is not exempted from,  it leads other follows,  lite coin can crash today and other coins continue to exist but if bitcoin crash today almost all coins will cease to exist.
Most local exchangers that exchange Crypto currencies to local currency trade more on bitcoin as compared to litcoin, this makes bitcoin easier to work with. The online stores that accept Crypto currency online most of them only accept bitcoin.
If you check most of the wallets both online and offline ones they are capable of storing bitcoin but not all are compatible to store litecoin. Bitcoin faucets are much more available compare to litecoin

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