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Marrying a billionaire that doesn't love or marrying a pauper that has so much love.Which works better?
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Money works for me by all means. Love is good but I'm not going to eat love. Money is something that any living human being can't do without. 

I have this belief that money can even buy love to an extent but love can never buy money. 
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For now, money works for me for my children, it's more important than love to received but, I love my children most.

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I don't think there's anybody that would like to settle with a pauper. You need money, not for extravagance but for even the most basic things. So why not if I can afford the basic things in life. Afterall, change is constant and everyday people strive to make things better. Marrying a pauper doesn't make me a pauper. I could be rich and we can compliment each other.
I would never want to be with a billionaire who doesn't know how to give love. No matter how much money gets me, It cannot nourish my soul and longingness. I want money  too but I also need more love. Marriage should be for better or for worse. I can go out and make money but I can't go out to look for love elsewhere.
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Maybe the two people can work for the money but alot of people too wouldn't mind having someone that can spoil them too.
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It is better to marry someone who appreciates and value you because internal peace and understanding will exist, wit patience money will also come. 
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I think none of these choices seem acceptable but if I am really to choose, I'd go for the billionaire. Not that I don't value love, it's just that I don't see myself being happy either in marrying a pauper. Even if we both love each other so much, if there will come a time when we have nothing to feed our kids, then I wouldn't think I've made the right decision.

Money is a very huge factor to survive. We need to be able to provide for the basic needs in order to give our family the life we want them to have. However, I don't want someone who doesn't love either but since I believe in the power of love, then perhaps I'd be able to make his heart beat by showing him how genuine my feelings are.
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I believe there's no two ways about it we just need money to survive whether as a slave, free born, pauper or not. We can't just do without money. 
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My husband and  I started our love with little budget in our pockets. He was somehow generous that time, and still up until now. The reason he gave me is that he never experienced the freedom of eating the food he wants when in work. He works abroad, inside a ship. He is a seaman. Being a seaman, when at work, he is getting a large sum of salary. But money isn't the reason why we became a couple and why we married early.
LOVE works for both of us. If love was not present in our relationship and money only matters, then we could have been separated a long time ago. he may have been receiving a lot of money from work, but when he goes back home, he stops working and receives no salary. And that we spend money he worked hard for months.
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So in essence money is still needed no matter how we want to say otherwise. We need the purchasing power which is money and having it helps us to grow in love I  believe. 

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