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imageAcceptance is a key teaching by almost all spiritual masters. Accept people and situations as they are. This is easier said than practice. Are you able to accept everyone and every situation with ease? How do you practice acceptance?

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I practice acceptance by simply not expecting everything I want will go according to my plans. I have many experiences that it is not every day I always got what I want, there are many times when my plans are not going too well into what I have imagined to become, there are many times that I really want something but I couldn't get it and it is not even happening. That is why since then since I've gone through many frustrations and disappointments I learned how to think widely. I learned how to open my mind and also to be an open-hearted that I cannot always get what I want. I open my heart and as well as my mind that everything could happen when I am planning, and its either a win or a lose, but I always do my best and put 100 percent of my efforts in everything I do.
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Accepting things as they are is definitely easier said than done. As humans, it is a bit hard for us to look the other way especially in matters that concern us. Acceptance for me comes in phases. The choice to accept and forced acceptance.
The choice to accept comes when we agree that things cannot go they way we want them to all the time or as planned. We learn to take it as it is and live with it. We also learn to respect other people's ideas and choices because that's what matters to them and we shouldn't be the ones who say otherwise.
When we force ourselves to accept situations, it is harder because the situation demands it. Even when we know that thing or that person can be better and doesn't have to remain in the present condition. We can't force situations or people to change especially when we have less control over them. So we force ourselves instead to accept situations are they are.
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I think to practice acceptance is to do it and make it a habit. The first thing to everything when we are trying to move on is acceptance. If we do not accept what has happened to us, then we cannot start all over again. There are lots of changes that happens to us everyday, sometimes that changes hurts us and it is not easy to accept the changes. Sometimes things are not in our control so we just need to accept those things and plan to do something to still let our life moves on. When you are accepting, you need to realize if what you did is for the better? What can you gain from accepting it? If you do not accept it, what will happen? What consequence of having a burden. You are really a big burden if you will not accept it. You can try to accept it slowly and then time heals the pain and you will totally accept it.
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Just like love whereby you're expected to love your neighbour as you love yourself, the same applies to acceptance, the moment you'll start accepting yourself is when you will know or understand the essence of people in your life. It's very illogical you don't accept/appreciate yourself and expect magic to happen and accept other people.

Then friendship follows. The more friendly you are, the higher the rate at which you accept people and who they are. But then, you just don't go on accepting everyone maybe as friend or something else. Beware of people, not everyone is to be trusted, some always have I'll intentions of ruining you.

Also, you can try joining peer groups and seminars because they really help much in building a person. Through this, your bond with other people will be expanded and you'll realise you're becoming more of an introvert.
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It gives me a great sense of fulfilment to be able to accept the person I am. There's nothing that delights me more than looking beyond how the world sees me and acknowledging my personal traits that makes me unique. I have always known that there is greatness in me which defines my true essense as a person. And I have held on to this belief ever since I was a child. I guess that's why I don't have issues with self esteem and self worth.

However, my level of self acceptance has never been undermined by the next man's judgement of who I am. I love everything about myself to the extent I don't feel inferior to anybody else. Additionally, my personal achievements has absolutely nothing to do with how I accepted myself. I feel happy and contented with where I am in life, that's all that matters to me.
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Acceptance comes from the mind,making up the mind to accept whatever comes our way and taking them in one's strides is just the beginning of progress and life we should always know there are things we can't change or control when once we acknowledges this life will be a lot better.

I practice acceptance in all areas of my life because I know I'm a mere mortal which glaring means limitations, when once I realize that I shouldn't be depressed,frustrated, whining, killing myself literally, blaming or witch hunting another person when things don't favour me.Some people comes out smiling all day I shouldn't envy them beneath those smiles might just be root seated pains but they might just embellish it with those smiles,they have decided to accepts the pains with the smiles,so I should do same with my own stress in life.
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It's natural to want something we can't have, especially as children, but as we go through life we realise that we were not meant to have everything and we learn to accept it. Sometimes it seems unfair and disappointing if we see people with things that we would like but cannot have but often I think it is because there is something better waiting round the corner.

As an example I remember pining over a lost love and found it hard to accept that the relationship was over but some time later I met someone who was better for me so I realised that the lost love had ended for a reason and once I came to accept it I was ready to move on and meet someone else. On other occasions I have just had to accept that certain things weren't meant to be and acceptance of that has made me a better person.
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It takes a lot of time and reflection to be able to accept things as they are, especially since this often implies that one didn't get to have what he or she is hoping for.

I don't think there's a straight path towards acceptance; people deal with it in their own little ways.

As for me, what I usually do is to recognize the situation. No matter how vague it is, I'll try to reflect on the things I did and didn't do, and to the decisions I chose to take that led me into such shortcomings. I also tell myself that there will always be uncertainties in everything I do, and that I can't have the best of both worlds. All these are easier said than done and oftentimes realizing all of these, as I've said, entails a lot of thinking.

What makes it harder to accept certain things is to also recognize that it isn't meant for you but for others, it is. During these times, there's really nothing you can do but to accept it.

Life is tough, but that doesn't mean we should give up. With acceptance comes maturity, and when we reach this point, I think it'll be a good start for us to do better next time.

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